Did you know that twitter already has millions of users that access it daily to find deals, news, information, and to share ideas and topics? It is a steadily growing web outlet that can also be used as a promotional tool. Not to mention, it’s free for all users so there is no reason not to join if you have a small business? I have complied several reasons you, as a small business owner, should jump on the bandwagon and get to tweeting!

1. Networking and Connecting:
As with many social media sites, Twitter is a place where people can connect fast, efficient and easily. Twitter allows direct messaging, followers and following so that you can connect with your customers and other businesses, as well as, they can have a direct connection to you. Hearing feedback from customers is really important, especially in this digital age where we don't always get to see each other face-to-face. Connecting with other businesses will enable the sharing of ideas, successes and failures, and can give you the opportunity to gain insight on how to make your business better. Furthermore, if you are looking to expand or hire individuals, this is a great place for connecting with those folks.

2. Defining and Refining your Brand or Message:
By creating a Twitter account and sending out your daily tweets, you are giving your brand, company, and products a defining message of style and/or personality. Normally, when someone is hired by a company, they tell you that you are now a representation of them. The same would go for you as a representative of your own business, thus creating friendly, informative style tweets which will define your company. In the long run, this attracts your customers, new and old, and brings prospective clients.

3. Marketing:
Twitter is a free social network and nothing is better than a free outlet when marketing your small business. Marketing through Twitter creates endless possibilities, to name a few:
• Twitter is Viral; your message can appear across the Twitter board over and over again by way of your followers and theirs.
• You can stay on top of the industry and seek what is popular at the moment and how you can market towards new customers.
• Connecting with customers and other businesses will create a buddy marketing system, where you can retweet their message, and they will retweet yours.

4. It's Quick for Releasing Information:
If you plan on releasing new products, coupons, special deals, upcoming events, or have a new post on your blog or website, you can instantly spread this new information in a matter of seconds by posting it on Twitter. Their 140 character limit on the message board allows for a quick and straight to the point release of information. And with websites like bit.ly.com, you can customize your links, to fit in the most info without leaving anything necessary out, which brings me to our next reason...

5. Twitter can Increase your Sales:
Making an increase in sales and gaining profit are really important to a small businesses survival. By tweeting your information, sales, deals, coupons, etc you are driving people to your site. Whether they are going to just take a look, or with a purchase in mind, the prospect of getting customers there increases every time you release information from your Twitter account.

6. To Spy or Not to Spy:
What's a better way to learn about mistakes or successes than learning from your competitors? Seeking out what works and what doesn't work from them can really help you in the long run. As well as, taking some time to search your customers and theirs, to learn about what they want, and what works for them, and what they didn't like about the companies. You can definitely make a mark by not repeating what others have done wrong, and in the process, you may gain their customers.

7. Lastly, Everyone Else has a Twitter, so Should You:
As stated previously, Twitter has over a million people who access their accounts daily in order to share information, ideas, tips, and gather that same information as well. With that being said, it is more than likely many of your potential customers are on Twitter, searching for a new place to buy the products or services they need. Twitter is popular, and will soon be a standard in the industry, so by creating your account, you will be on top of the ballgame.

So there you have it folks, Twitter is a great place to connect, spread the message, and gain insight on how to make your business a profitable one. But as with all things, use it wisely. You don't want to become a spammer or damage your businesses reputation. Good luck and get to tweeting!

Author's Bio: 

Dawn Pigoni of Be Social Worldwide is a certified social marketing specialist and a social media virtual assistant. Dawn offers superb social networking, social marketing and social bookmarking to WAHMs, Small Business Owners, Internet Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, and Coaches who desire to bring stunning Internet presence through social networking to their businesses. Get Dawn’s free report, Social Networking Report (link to http://besocialworldwide.com) today and find out how she can assist you with being Social Worldwide!

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