People usually feel bad as a result of many internal and external factors. Although some of them might be aware of the root cause still the majority of them are totally unaware.

If you tried to ask why, you'll get something like; i don't know what's happening but I'm not feeling fine. You might want to get upset but the truth is that they themselves can't be blamed because they really can't explain.

You may think that you're feeling bad because you'll soon be confronted with your bills. While this might be the root cause at the moment, still there are other minions at the back which equally constitute to your present mood.

7 reasons why some people feel bad

Below are some of the reasons why some people feel bad and this also reflects your down time as well.

  1. Not getting what they want: Do you know that when you're not getting what you want is sufficient to make you feel bad, even in the long run? What happens if you're confronted with your bills but unable to pay? This is the same reason why some people might be feeling bad when they're not getting what they want.
  2. Fear of the future: Another reason for this is when people become uncertain about the future hopes. This fact generates insecurity and many down times. For example, when some people become jobless they tend to attribute their present circumstances on to the future. Sometimes they believe that they might end up not having a job in future and so start harboring bad moments and many down times in life.
  3. Unmet goals in life: In one of my articles 'How to become happy in life', I explained that people become happy in life when they achieved their goals and here is the reverse. What if you're trying to attain a certain goal and you're not getting there either? This is the same reason why some people feel down when they're struggling yet not arriving at their goals either.
  4. Self-understanding problems: Sometimes we just feel we need something in order to feel good but we really don't know what that is. Consider someone who lost in career choices, he knows he needs a career but what he doesn't know is which is best for him. Such person knows he needs something but doesn't know what is and this is one of the reasons why some people feel bad.
  5. self-deception: This factor targets people with very low ambitious life. People of this nature might want to start a new business but because of the difficulties that come along they'll tend to deceive themselves that they really don't need a business. As long as people stay with this habit they'll keep feeling down.
  6. self-quilt: Self-guilt happens to be one of the reasons why some people feel about themselves. When someone lives in guilt, the tendency that he'll always feel bad is certain. Let's say you've done some hideous things in the past, each time you think of it you feel bad within.
  7. Past problems: Most people believe that one of the best ways to deal with worries, fears or problems is to forget about them. This method is never effective because these are signals designed by the subconscious mind to keep them alert of their unmet needs and as long as these problems remained unsolved, they'll always respond back in the form of bad moods and depressions.

How to feel good all the times

If any of the above mentioned happens to be your situation, in order to be happy, you must start by taking actions. Anywhere in your life you see that you're lacking start taking actions today.

Let's say your problem is that you're afraid of the future, what makes you afraid? Spot it out and start taking actions. If it's job insecurity, start launching other sources of income today. If it's self-deception, break that habit today and start doing things realistically etc.

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