When entering the real estate business, it's essential to obtain all the correct licencing and certificates based on a state's legal requirements. In New South Wales, Australia, all registered agents, be in real estate, strata, or business must complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as part of their licence or certificate renewal as stated under the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act 2002.

CPD works to maintain public expectations by providing a variety of learning opportunities across the industry, ensuring all practising agents are informed by current standards and up to date with management skills and customer service. Made mandatory and upheld by the NSW Fair Trading, all training and education through CPD assists individuals, allowing them to stay well informed and deliver high-quality service.

Below I've shared seven reasons why CPD can benefit the real estate agents in their career growth.

1. Stay up to date

Real estate agents are trusted to provide accurate information on the ever changing property market. Making sure that skills in both risk management and audits are polished keeps the day to day operations running smoothly while brushing up on business and customer service practices will leave clients satisfied. CPD training, while mandatory, provides agents with the necessary skills and knowledge to continue working within the industry.

2. Build confidence

Regular feedback and revision of material can help build confidence in a job. Making it more likely for agents to express ideas or deliver proposals in high stake situations. Mandating a learning environment to improve skills and research continuously also allows workers to be more responsive to feedback and willing to undertake new tasks.

3. Expand your knowledge

Continuing professional learning not only offers the chance to stay on top of relevant industry skills but, also allows employers to develop a broader range of knowledge. A CPD in property includes those practising in real estate, strata management, on-site residential/business management and any stocks or stations.

While NSW Fair Trading provides example learning areas for each agency, they also on offer is a range of general topics including, audit, communication and business practices. The benefits of being well versed in different fields of study not only garner a professional advantage but a social one as sole real estate agents will often find themselves collaborating with others in the property sector.

4. Obtaining an edge

While mandatory for everyone in the property, stock and business industry to undertake CPD, what learning area is studied is entirely up to the individual. Having a strong understanding of risk management or meditation skills can give a needed edge in a sales environment and help carve out a new professional career.

5. Networking

Often in the real estate business, some of the best opportunities are granted to those who keep an ear to the ground and follow leads. And this is considered one of the key requirements before investing in real estate industry. While CPD not only offers a great chance to meet like-minded people but provides professionals with the information, they need to approach other areas of industry, often resulting in new ideas and solutions.

6. Flexibility

While it's an obligation to complete 12 points of CPD activity each year to renew credentials, there's a variety of learning crafted to suit any individual or business. These opportunities range from 1-point per hour activities such as any workshop, short course or session given by any training provider to 3-point per hour events from any formal assessed learning organisations such as REET.

7. Feel refreshed

After operating in the industry for a few years, there's the chance the original spark the initially drew you to the profession has dulled. That's why attending local seminars or workshops can help renew excitement or help uncover hidden passions. Learning and putting into practice new ideas is a rewarding practice and necessary to turn any role into a lifelong career.

Although a requirement, CPD offers the necessary space to continue learning and sharing ideas throughout a professional career. While still allowing for the flexibility of various study opportunities and areas in today's ever-thriving real estate industry.

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