Renting an apartment is not a simple process. Before you decide to rent one, there are important matters that you need to know about the terms of your rent and the prospective community that you’re going to live daily for an indefinite period of time. That’s why it’s essential that you ask the right questions to the apartment manager before you go for it.

To give knowledge on what questions you should ask the apartment manager, you can read this article to make your life easier in your apartment hunting.

Is the Unit in Excellent Condition?

For sure, you don’t want to live in an apartment unit that has shabby wall paints and dilapidated rooms. Thus, before you sign those lease papers, you should ask the manager to show you the exact unit that you’re going to rent.

You should make sure that you do a thorough inspection and see if the unit is in excellent condition. If you’re in an apartment search, you can visit sites such as Your Next Place for that purpose.

Is There Any Parking Space?

If you have a car, you should ask if there’s any designated parking space inside the apartment community. If there is one, it’s a must that you know about the parking rules. You should also ask if your house visitors are allowed to park their car in the community premises.

Where to Go for Shopping?

Knowing the nearby neighborhood of your prospective apartment is an essential part of your apartment hunting. You can inquire about the manager or the people around the community if there are any convenient locations to go shopping, buy medicines, and gas up your car.

You should see to it that you have convenient access to services and goods once you live in your apartment community.

Is the Place Noisy?

The manager and staff of an apartment community are familiar with the noise level around the place because they’re the ones whom residents come to when they have such complaints. That’s why you should ask them if the place is noisy before you decide to rent a unit.

Can I Have Pets in My Unit?

There are apartment community rules on how they handle pets, and these rules are not the same for all apartments. So if you have pets, you need to ask the apartment manager if they are allowed in your unit. If allowed, you need to inquire about what kind of pets you can bring into your apartment or if there are fees for it.

Am I Allowed to Decorate?

Some apartment communities don’t allow their tenants to decorate the unit. Or, sometimes, they put limits on what kind of decorations a tenant can do. If decorating or personalizing your apartment is a big deal to you, you should ask the apartment manager if you’re allowed to decorate before you rent it.

How Well are the Complaints Handled?

It’s crucial for you to know the procedures for filing complaints about everything related to your rent, such as repair requests and maintenance issues. In this case, it will be easy for you to complain if there are any problems with your apartment unit.


If you’re looking for an apartment unit, it’s crucial that you know about the apartment community that you’re going to live in. You should ask questions to the apartment manager if the apartment unit you’re going to rent is right for your lifestyle and preference. You can gain some insight from the list above for that purpose.

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