Have you ever been in a situation where you end up wasting a whole hour on sending some important information to all your team members by individually adding their email addresses? Let me tell you that this method is not at all productive but complex. And before you loop into such more complex processes, let me give you a productive option - integrate a Dynamics 365 Calendar into your work system.


Google Calendar can also be an option here, but if you are working on Dynamics, you probably would need a calendar that syncs with Dynamics 365. This will relieve you from constant shuffling between two different solutions. Also, there are many additional features in the Dynamics 365 Calendar that can speed up your business operations. Let me pass you details for the same:


Multiple Calendars

It is essential as well as complex to manage multiple users and activities at once. And for this, Dynamics 365 Calendar enables you to create multiple calendars for different teams and tasks. And this is not it; you can also view the allocated tasks in different formats. 

For example, a resource calendar allows you to check the availability of all your allocated resources. Similarly, Dynamics 365 Calendar entity will help you to manage entities and their respective attributes.

A separate customer calendar will also help you to manage team members' ongoing tasks. Dynamics 365 manages numerous purposes for you and ensures that there are no repetitive tasks and no task is left.

   2. Schedule Activities

A Dynamics 365 Calendar helps you to plan your to-do tasks, meetings, appointments productively. How? By letting you create your activities in a manageable manner. For example, you can classify the tasks by day, week, or year. You can also perform different operations like scheduling, rescheduling, editing, drag & drop, deleting, etc., from the calendar itself. 

You can even tag any users or team members to an activity. The activity can be anything like a meeting, phone call, appointment, task, reminder, etc. You can even manage resources and their activities. This is not it, it even allows you to switch in multiple languages of your comfort. With Dynamics 365 Calendar, it is possible to track user’s activities like:

Check their working hours
What they are working on
Approve/deny their leaves directly from the calendar

  3. Real-Time Reminders

This calendar also reminds you of your schedule to keep you on top of the deadlines. This is one of the best features of this calendar for a reason. It ensures that you do not miss any task or meeting. How? Simply by reminding you about the task in your preferred way, i.e., via desktop notification or email. 

Additionally, if it is a reminder for a meeting, the Dynamics 365 calendar notifies you about the documents that you might need for the meeting.


  4. Work Report

Switching to CRM only for viewing the progress report is frustrating, right? But with Dynamics 365 Calendar, you do not have to go through that frustration. It provides you with a complete report of all the activities and statuses of your team’s work. It even provides you with insights and access to individual performances.

This means that you can view the tasks you assigned to your team members and track their ongoing/completion status. This way, you can analyse an individual's strengths and develop various ways to boost their productivity.


 5. Save Calendar Settings

If you want to save a custom calendar view, the Dynamics 365 Calendar gives you the 'Save as Templates' feature. This way you can save as many calendar settings as templates you want and can use them whenever required. Additionally, you can also share these templates.

Bottom Line

The Dynamics 365 service calendar can save your time and enhance productivity by helping you manage. It helps employees to stick to their schedules by reminding them of tasks in real-time. And it also helps the admin to manage the team efficiently by providing insights about their statuses. All this makes Dynamics 365 Calendar the best choice for optimizing the productivity of your company.

Author's Bio: 

Mr. Maulik Shah is the founder & CEO of AppJetty, a digital software products store specializing in extensions, plugins and apps for host of software platforms like Magento, WordPress, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, Odoo, Dynamics CRM, etc.