Since the ancient times, India has been known as the abode for Hinduism and Hindu. Hence, needless to say, larger than life temples as well as quaint are found all over the country. Regarded as transcendent, limitless, formless and unchanging, Lord Shiva is among the three Trimurti deities of Hinduism. Here are 6 of the tallest Lord Shiva Statues and Shiva Sculptures.

• Statue at Allahabad

Located in the holy city of Allahabad, next to the banks of the holy River Ganga, this unique Statue is often referred to as the Symbol of Allahabad. It’s found right where the holy KumbhMela takes place at regular intervals. The most outstanding feature of this 33-meter grand statue is the statue of a bull overlooking Lord Shiva.

• Statue at Rishikesh

Rishikesh is known as one of the holiest towns in India and is blessed by both Lord Shiva and Ganga Maata. If you visit this place, you will have an opportunity to see a huge statue of Lord Shiva Seated while assuming Yogi Posture. It was built overlooking the ParmarthNiketan Ashram and it’s one of the main tourists’ attractions in the country. It’s situated where Ganga Arati is held every morning and is used to offer prayers to Lord Shiva and Ganga Maata.

• Kemp Fort Shiva Statue

Situated just behind the Kemp Fort in the outskirts of Bangalore, the Kemp Fort is among the six largest Shiva Statues in the world. At 65 feet high, it sits really tall. This white statue of Shiva is clubbed with the brilliant Bangalore weather and exudes a grandeur that’s beautiful for both the soul and the eyes.

• Murudeshwar Statue in Karnataka

Located in Karnataka near the Bhatkal, the Murudeshwa Statue is probably the tallest statue in India. Since it’s established near the Arabian coast, when you visit it you may take a fascinating look at the ocean behind the statue. At 123 feet, it’s the tallest statue of Lord Shiva. Since the disciples of the destroyer frequent this place, you would love to have a look to get the blessings in case you are in Karnataka.

• Namchi Statue

This statue is situated in the holy temple of SiddhesshwarDham in Sikkim and is among the tallest in the world at 108 feet. It’s also the only place in the country where you will find all the imitations of the Jyotirlingas India and the Char Dham

• Dancing Shiva Statue in Geneva

Also known as the Natraj, The Dancing Shiva Statue means that the destroyer got angry due to the death of Goddess Satui which made it dance so as to destroy the whole world. This statue was unveiled at CERN the European center of physics in Switzerland in 2004. If you are an art lover or you are a true follower of Lord Shiva then the dancing Shiva Statue is of very much importance. If you worship the Lord or you are Shivabhakts, then you will like to have this statue as a sign of glory.

• Lord Shiva Statue found in Tamil Nadu

found 30 km away from the Coimbatore, Lord Shiva Statue is known for providing a good atmosphere for yoga by taking a close look, you will find that its body is built above the waist and It features a mental peace and calm environment that would make you know about his supremacy.

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