There are 7 skills that a good lawyer must have:

1) Communication skills

Lawyers must be articulate with their words, possess the ability to write effectively, and be astute listeners. Speaking in front of audience is crucial to a lawyer’s job. Drafting documents that put the client in the best position is another key component of a lawyer’s work. Listening intently to the information being delivered to them is also a critical aspect of being a lawyer.

Together these communication skills make a good lawyer.

2) Judgment

Lawyers must be able to reason well. A lawyer’s job involves the taking in of information and thinking it through to arrive at a logical conclusion. Lawyers must be able to identify any weaknesses in their opponent’s argument as well as spot places where missing information exist. Lawyers must also be decisive. Having sound judgment to effectively perform these tasks is crucial to being a good lawyer.

3) Analytical skills

Lawyers must be able to take in large amounts of information and put it in a manner that makes sense. Lawyers must be able to be met with a problem and analyze such a problem and work to arrive at an effective outcome. Good lawyers have superior analytical skills.

4) Research skills

Good lawyers must also have excellent research skills. A lawyer’s job often involves seeking out information beyond what has provided to them. The ability to search in various places and areas for vital information provides a vast advantage to the legal process. Lawyers who are good at their work have this very valuable skill.

5) People skills

Good lawyers have the ability to connect with people. They know how to listen to the client and communicate with them in a manner that the client fully understands. When the client feels at ease with the lawyer, the process becomes much smoother for both the client and the lawyer. A lawyer who is good at their work not only has people skills but knows how to effectively use them.

6) Perseverance

The legal process is often long and eventful. The ability to persevere throughout the twists and turns of a legal case is essential. The ability to adapt and respond to the hurdles present throughout the case is required. A lawyer who is good at their work knows how to persevere and excel in the lengthy legal process.

7) Creativity

Lawyers must be creative in their work. Often, lawyers are met with circumstances or developments that require a novel approach. The ability to find creative solutions benefits the client. A good lawyer has the ability to benefit their client through creativity.

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