1. If your wedding is scheduled at night make sure there are enough snacks and drinks to keep everybody high on energy

In case your wedding is a night affair, with pheras scheduled in midnight make sure there are enough beverages both hot and cold and snacks to keep up everybody’s energy on zenith

2.Have A Bangle Booth.

Choosing return gifts for your guests is anyway a very tiring tasks, so why not set up a bangle booth and let your guests choose themselves it not only reduces your effort but also gives a very elegant look to your event you can contact banquet halls especially royal pepper banquets in north west Delhi and get personalized touch to your events

3. Royal Thrones For The couple

Its officially the couple’s day so they deserve the most standing out throne, they deserve this bit of special treatment at least, you can get these arrangements done easily at royal pepper banquets

4. Photo booths are the easiest way to make your wedding memorable.

Set up photo booths and place placards, glasses and props to make your wedding memorable with all the pictures preserved in the wackiest way possible.

5. Take Care Of The Kids
You can go for a dedicated kids station or fun activities to keep the kids busy so that they also enjoy the fun in your wedding and do not feel isolated. You can also have candy stops at different places within the banquet hall

6. Unite and don’t divide

With Indian weddings accompanies some unstated rules and divisions like one that of the ladkiwalas and the ladkewalas, make sure that on your D-Day you focus more on having fun than focusing on these superficial no good divisions


Divert a particular section of the banquet hall and convert it into a “wall of blessing” where all your guests come and write personalized messages and wishes for you and post it on the wall, all you need is post-it stamps, pens and your guests.

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A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. The order varies for any given year.