People, at times, end up committing a series of mistakes while hiring providers of commercial cleaning service. It's not that there is a dearth of these companies in and around Brisbane. There are many to choose from. However, this abundance in the number of these companies leads to mistakes, and that happens due to the confusion it creates.

Here are some errors that people make. 



Choosing a Service Provider That is Under-insured

There are companies that do not have adequate insurance coverage and have certain policy restrictions. Generally, these commercial cleaning companies in Brisbane like in any other place have coverage of various insurances. These policies include product and liability insurance, workers’ compensation insurance and key loss extension insurance coverage. 

Also, at times, they would choose a company that is under-insured. Not every insurance policy covers additional services like carpet cleaning and window cleaning services. Thus, not making sure whether these policies cover the companies is also a false step that needs to be avoided. 

The best approach is asking for a ‘Certificate of Currency’, which lists the exclusions for each of these insurance policies. Not doing so is a mistake. 

Not Taking Note of the Quality Control 

Each and every commercial cleaning company would like to say YES when you ask about quality control. But just as mere nod is not enough. You need to have definite affirmative answers to the following questions: 

  • Are they quick enough to respond to your request for a quote? 
  • Do the cleaners pay the same day visit and send a same-day quote? 
  • Are they hospitable enough when you interact with them? 
  • Does the deal you strike is enough to fulfil your specific needs? 

Choosing a Company That is Dependent on Temporary Employees

This is a strict NO-NO when it comes to selecting providers of commercial cleaning services in Brisbane. A company that heavily depends upon temporary staffs can never guarantee quality and proper follow up. They are bound to make a mess of the entire project and will go nowhere near your expectations. Shun them altogether. 

Never Enter a Fixed-term Contract With a New Commercial Cleaner

It is pretty risky to enter into a fixed-term agreement with a new commercial cleaning company. Many companies will be more than happy to enter into an annual contract when you hire them for the first time. This is a mistake, for even if you are not satisfied with their service you cannot dismiss them due as that will be a breach of contract. 

Appointing a Company Without Any Reference

If a commercial cleaning company in Brisbane is not able to provide you with any reference, or if the website of the company does not have any testimonials, that's a red flag for you. Ignoring this and still going ahead for the contract is a mistake, to say the least.

Appointing Companies Without Certifications or Australian Approvals 

If the company that you are putting money on has no certification, accreditation or Australian approval, it is probably a fictitious company that is not authorised to serve in Brisbane. Still putting money on it is a dangerous step that needs to be avoided altogether.

Hiring a Franchise

Do not hire a franchise of a reputed brand. Hire the main service provider. The franchise might not be as competent as the brand it is working for.

So avoid these red flags while opting for a service that offers commercial cleaning. It will justify your investment in the short as well as long run. 

Author's Bio: 

The author owns a company that offers commercial cleaning in Brisbane. The author is also an avid blogger.