When it comes to self-care, one can choose whether to do it or not. After all, no one is under any obligation to take care of him or herself. It is a decision that one makes voluntarily. People are different. Some people find self-care too much work. Despite that, it is an important aspect of everyone's life.

Self-care is divided into two types;

Inner self-care

1.Activities individuals can undertake to improve inner self-care are;
2.Meditating. It nourishes the soul and boosts mental health.
3.Watch a favorite program or read a book. The fact that this is therapeutic cannot be disputed
4.Writing. Putting one’s feelings down on paper helps release stress.
5.Taking a nap. A nap can be so short yet so refreshing.

Outer Self-Care
Do the following to improve outer self-care

1.Take leisurely walks.
2.Meet and spend time with friends and family
3.Cook and eat a favorite food
4.Do away with items that are no longer needed in the house.
5.Take part in charity events.

Importance of Self-Care

1.Individuals live a healthy lifestyle free from any illness
2.People keep and stay fit
3.It helps people cope with and manage stress
4.It prevents drug and alcohol abuse
5.General body, physical and mental wellness
6.It enhances positive thoughts about oneself
7.Boosts self-confidence
8.Makes an individual lively
9.It encourages the release of feel-good hormones hence boosting the person's mood.

Nowadays, life is moving fast. New inventions are coming up every single day. Here is a list of tips that can assist lazy people in catching up with the rest of the world in self-care.

1. Know when to start and when to stop
In everything an individual does, they should take off a few minutes to relax. Working nonstop can cause irretrievable fatigue to the brain. Many people work continuously and end up totally worn out. Taking time to relax is vital. It gives the brain time to re-energize.

2. Create time for a good breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It provides the body with energy to recover from the overnight fast. Breakfast is also responsible for providing the body with enough energy to face the day. Feed on a healthy breakfast. Ensure it is well balanced. Do not deny the body sufficient energy giving foods.

3. Undertake a full body treatment
Take long showers, go for a massage, and get a pedicure, a manicure, and general skin care done. These are sure ways to lift up moods and boost self-esteem. Minding the skin is particularly important. It is said that proper skin care keeps aging at bay. It gives it a new refreshed look. Exfoliation is done to clear old skin and reveal a new one. This procedure can be tedious especially for lazy people. However, it is worth trying.

4. Eat a healthy diet
It is likely that many lazy people hardly cook. The benefits of cooking one's own food are numerous. One gets to choose what they feed their bodies. They regulate how they prepare it and mind the food's hygiene. A proper diet can boost energy levels and lift up one's spirits.

5. Exercise
One does not have to join the gym to workout. It is easy to make use of a garage gym. It is affordable and convenient. One can exercise from anywhere at any given time. It does not take too much space; neither does one require a professional fitness instructor. Consistent exercise ensures that the body gains resistance, strengthens the core, and relaxes the mind and soul.

6. Take part in voluntary work
There is a joy that one derives from helping others. Interacting with other people provides one with knowledge and new skills. People learn how to cope with different situations. They listen to what other people go through and learn how to appreciate the things they have.
Knowing that the things one does brings a smile to other people's faces encourages them to do more. It also boosts their self-esteem.

7. Drinking more water
Water is life. Water helps the body flush out toxins. Adequate water in the body improves the look of the skin. It prevents dehydration and helps the skin remain moisturized. However, water is not a favorite of many people. Many claim that it is tasteless. There are many ways to add flavor to water to make it drinkable. E.g. slice cucumbers and lemons. Immerse them in the drinking water and let them sit overnight. Sieve the water and partake of the irresistible flavors. One can include other fruits according to preference.

Food is good. It nourishes the body and mind. Food can also cause the body stress. Watching what one eats is a step towards successful self-care. Intake of excess calories and saturated fats can slow down body activities.

What can be done to curb this? One can opt for whole meals as opposed to processed carbohydrates. Wholemeal foods are good energy boosters. They promote digestion due to the readily available roughage. Try to also cook meals with a little oil. Better still, meals can be boiled or grilled. This ensures that you do not consume unnecessary oil.
Remember that building your own garage gym is a cheap way of getting much-needed exercise.

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