The field report apps are essential for all online business retailers for tracking all the basic and useful information of service reports, such as customer’s address, name, technician’s name, appointment time and more. Such apps are also helpful in providing them with the details of labour costs, materials and other fields.

Some companies are even opting for a customized field reporting app to meet their business requirements. If you’re also in field service management and often needs to file field reports, work order, work requests or process work orders, you need field report app.

This app can be used for automating reporting of detailed field data, collecting field information and also employed as an employee tracking app to offer the best support to field agents. Later, the field agents can use the app for invoicing purposes also.

There are many other reasons behind the vast usage of such mobile tools for carrying out data collection tasks. Here are some key benefits of using field reporting app for both executives and employees:

1. Boost Productivity
Field reporting apps enable different businesses and industries to organize, evaluate and streamline their area of work while collecting staff data with real-time indicators. Employees just have to fill in the mobile forms and further submit them to get an immediate evaluation. This helps them to focus more on other tasks while improving the company’s productivity.

2. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
With apps like Uber or Ola having real-time location features, customers can get to know where their cab has reached and the final cost of the booking. All thanks to such helpful features, these apps provide convenience to the customers with better satisfaction levels and higher technician engagement.

3. No Paperwork
With digitization, you can say goodbye to paperwork. Apps with the central digital interface are beneficial for service technicians, as they offer them access to all required information of the technical field staff – from the order of preparation to documenting the executed service orders. Once the job is successfully done, customers may even document order confirmation with a digital signature on the mobile service app. This way, there’s no paperwork involved in the workflow. Moreover, there are fewer chances for errors.

4. Cost Saving
With reduced idle time, businesses can save a lot of money. The mobile forms have reduced the need for paper expenses, transportation costs and the possibility of data loss. This means online businesses can save a lot of money through such field reporting apps.

5. Work without Network Connectivity
One can complete the mobile forms even without network connectivity and the collected information will be sent to the main office automatically when the connectivity restores. This enables employees to work without any issues even in the areas of limited connection or remote regions.

6. Rapid Invoicing
Making invoices could be frustrating for the employees. Moreover, there could be some errors in the manually calculated invoice. With the field service management system, businesses can immediately get all the information and generate rapid invoices without any errors. The field reporting app can automatically
calculate the final price, considering special pricing conditions, discounts and warranties.

7. Helps You Know Your Business & Collect Client History
Another major benefit of the field reporting app is to increase business efficiency by knowing the key merits of your business anytime, including time spent on the job, tasks completed per day, idle time, travel time, etc. Furthermore, such apps help you have a consolidated database of your customer history and technical instructions.

With the help of a field reporting app, many business tasks can be simplified. With transparent order management of this automated system, brands provide planned deadlines and reliable information. It further ensures seamless workflow and long-term customer relationship.

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