Should the unthinkable happen and you experience a vehicle breakdown, the logical thing to do would be to call a towing company. But before you do that, make sure you go through these tips when getting a tow truck.

1. Choose Safety

When deciding to get a tow truck, you should consider safety as a first priority. Do a little bit of research for towing companies that have good reviews and a good track record for safety. Check the website of the company and go through their trucks if they are well-maintained and fully functional before deciding to book a truck from them.

2. Compare price

Just because you are in a bind and want immediate response doesn't mean you should agree on the first towing service you come across. We live in an age where information is readily available to use with your smartphones. Most towing companies will have their own website so make sure you compare prices. If not, you can call around to different companies and ask what their rate is for towing your car.

3. Agree on the price

A lot of tow trucks are notorious for jacking up the price for their service especially in an emergency. They do this because they know most customers looking for a tow truck are desperate and will be willing to pay any price. Talk with the staff before booking the tow truck and make sure you agree on the price. Clarify that there won't be any hidden charges the moment the driver arrives on the scene.

4. Take pictures of your vehicle

While the tow truck is on its way, take pictures of your vehicle with your phone. These will serve as evidence should any damage occurs during the towing process. A few dings and scratches might happen while your vehicle is being towed. It's always good to have evidence of negligence that you can show to the company.

5. Close all windows

Before hoisting your vehicle to the truck, make sure that you close all windows. It might seem trivial but closing your windows will prevent any theft from taking place wherever your vehicle ends up. You also avoid any of your personal items from getting swept out of the vehicle while it is being transported.

6. Disengage the emergency brake

This next tip is a crucial one and should be done before towing to avoid further damage to the vehicle. A professional and experienced towing company will know to check if the emergency brake has been disengaged. However, it's better that you do this task yourself should the tow truck drive forget and damage your vehicle even more.

7. Arrange access to your car

In the event that you won't be around when the tow truck picks up your car, you should arrange for them to be able to get into your vehicle. If your car is in your house, you can leave the keys to one of your family members or even your neighbors and let the towing company know where to get it. If no one's around, you might want to hide the key somewhere in your vehicle. Towing companies like Heavy Tow Truck Service will know to ask you where it's hidden.

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