For many couples in Australia, it becomes extremely difficult as well as time-consuming to lodge the partner visa. Even if you are in a long term relationship, it is quite difficult to convince the immigration department with the necessary proof. Partner visa agents in Australia advise applicants to prepare for partner visa application from the months ahead.

When it comes to producing evidence of relationship with your partner, the proof can be counted in the form of bills, official documents on sharing any property or joint activity, financial statement, transcripts and many more are there. However, in this content, you will get to know a few simple steps to prepare a flawless application for a partner visa.

1. Register Your De-Facto Relationship with Relevant Authority in the State: Most states allow couples to register their de-facto relationship. However, there is an exception for South Australia or Western Australia. So, you must be living in a state where you can register. It required, especially when you do not have to live together.

2. Create and Use a Joint Bank Account: Having a joint bank account with your partner shows your financial commitments. However, many people do not actually use their joint account often. Hence, partner visa agents in Australia recommend allowing a direct deposit from your personal bank account. Why not maintain a weekly transaction of $50-$100 and use it to pay the utility and grocery bills?

3. Preserve the Old Travel Rickets and Accommodation Bills: Going on a vacation with your partner is one of the admiring parts in your relationship. So, why not keep those bills with you? It can be a piece of great supporting evidence while applying for the partner visa. However, with the online reservation system, it has become easy for the couples to retrieve the old records easily.

4. Add Your Partner’s Name in the Utility Bills: If you are living together on the lease after your partner moved to Australia on a temporary visa, then include his/her name on the electricity, internet and other bills. Also, habit including the correspondence address as same as your partner that can increase the chances of getting the visa approval.

5. Undertake Joint Activities: Do you and your partner have a similar interest in sports? Attending social and cultural activities together is a great way to prove your commitment to the relationship.

6. Make Your Parter the Nominee for Insurance Claims: It’s quite an expensive commitment to include someone into your will. So, making someone the nominee of your investment or life insurance is nothing less than a poof of showing a sense of responsibility towards your partner.

7. Give Proof of Your Regular Contact with Your Partner: It could be through messager or email you are keeping contact with your partner. So, showing proof of phone accounts tells how well you have maintained contact even in the long distance.

By following these things, as mentioned above, you can increase the possibility of successful visa application easily. Moreover, don’t forget to choose a reliable agent for the partner visa in Sydney who can guide you throughout the stages in the procurement of different evidence and let you get the visa approval right at first attempt.

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The author is a migration agent and can help you to get the partner visa in Sydney with proper guidance. The author also writes blogs and articles to make people in Australia aware of the visa application requirements.