For most people if something were wrong with the heart, they would not know. It is due to lack of the knowledge of the signs that are associated with the heart disease. When the symptoms do not happen on the chest, you cannot tell what is wrong. Sometimes, the heart may have issues so if you have abnormal symptoms see the doctor. The problem could be cardiac. For those people who suffer high cholesterol levels or those with diabetes may have a higher risk for cardiac conditions. You should have the concern for any condition that is heart-related. Some of these signs that most people may not know are linked to heart disease.

Chest Discomforts

The sign is a common danger that shows that you may have a heart disease. The cause of the discomforts could be due to blockage of arteries. In most cases, the heart is almost suffering an attack. Also, to the discomforts, there can be a presence of pain, pressure and tightness in the chest. If the pain implies a cardiac condition, it lasts a minute or longer. The pain either comes when at rest or when you are in physical activity. If the pain comes briefly and then goes and does not hurt when you touch or press, it is unlikely to be a heart disease. Sometimes especially in women, pain in the chest can be a sign for other conditions like breast cancer. This kind of pain, however, needs to be checked by a doctor. If the pain is severe and you find yourself alone, call for help for the ambulance to come fast. Also, remember that cardiac conditions or heart attacks can come without these pains. Go for regular checkups as it is essential.

Throat or Jaw Pain

The presence of either the jaw pains or throat pains may not relate to the heart. It may be due to colds or muscular conditions. However, if the pain spreads to both the throat and the jaw and even other parts, it could be heart-related.

Nausea, Indigestion

There are some people who suffer the heart attack after having these symptoms. Some people even start vomiting. According to the world latest news, women report these symptoms more than men. It is possible to have stomach pains or upsets for other reasons and not because of a heart condition. Maybe something you consumed can cause the discomforts or pains. Do not forget however that the pain is a symptom of heart attack. If you feel the need to see a doctor for the essence of the checkup, you need to do it and especially if the listed symptoms come together.

Pain that Spreads to the Arms

This is another symptom of a cardiac condition or a heart attack. Do not ignore this symptom. If the pain comes from the chest and then slowly spread to the direction of the arms, you have to seek care immediately. The pain can spread to the armpits and to the arms too. Do not wait for any other signs as you could be in danger of getting a heart attack.

Feeling Sick

Feeling dizzy and even light headed is a sign of being sick. If the signs do not symbolize sleeplessness or tiredness, then something is wrong. Losing balance is a sign that comes with heart conditions and especially a heart attack. Of course, there are other causes for these symptoms. Tiredness and weakness may come as a sign of a heart attack. Sweating is a symptom that can come just before you suffer a heart attack. Most people think that the signs are normal. All the same, do not hesitate to seek care from the doctor. After all, even if it does not turn out to be a cardiac condition, whatever the problem needs attention and treatment. Shortness of breath also comes together with these signs. Do not take chances.


It is a normal thing to snore in the sleep. However, too loud snoring, accompanied by the chocking and gasping is a bad sign. It could signify a heart attack. The snoring causes pressure on your heart and can result to stop of breathing for a while. In the event of such a problem, it is essential to have a check up by the doctor.

A Cough that won’t quit

Sometimes, a cough may signify other issues or problems. If you, however, have a condition of cardiac nature that exists, you need to worry and see the doctor. If a cough is long lasting and has mucus that has a pink or white color, it could signify heart failure. See a doctor or call for medical assistance immediately. Sometimes it is a sign that the heart is unable to cope with the demands of the body. Blood thus leaks getting back to the lungs.


Ensure that you do not ignore any signs or pains. You could be suffering from conditions that are cardiac in nature. If you think or feel in danger, call an ambulance or go to the doctor. You may require medical attention. Do not ignore the symptoms as heart conditions are fatal and can cause death.


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