When you hear the words “perfect hostess” you likely picture a close friend who has mastered the art of hospitality. Maybe she always has the perfect finger foods, is ready at the door with your favorite beverage, or just knows how to make a playlist that gets everyone dancing.


Really, the perfect hostess is a living gift that keeps on giving. Which is why your hostess gift should be as wonderful and as generous as she is!


These seven gift ideas will show your love to your favorite hostess—and cement your place as her favorite guest!


#1 Air-Purifying Plants

A bouquet of flowers is a classic hostess gift—but let’s be real, they do present a few logistical issues. As soon as you hand the bouquet to your hostess, she has to hunt around for a vase instead of hanging out with her guests and enjoying herself! Plus, flowers may not last more than a week.


Instead, give your favorite hostess a botanical gift that’s a breath of fresh air with an air-purifying plant!

These greens are stylish, sustainable, and super thoughtful. Think:


  • Fiddle plant
  • Bamboo palm
  • Spider plant
  • Prayer plant
  • Boston fern
  • Rubber plants
  • Aloe
  • Philodendrons


Don’t forget to place the plant in a lovely pot that can easily complement the hostess’s decor!


#2 A Gift Certificate to Her Favorite Shop

Amazing hostesses tend to be selfless. A gift card to her favorite shop gives that special hostess in your life an excuse to buy what she needs—or something she wants! Whether that’s purchasing a brand new robe or stocking up 32A bra cup sizes, with a gift certificate, she can buy exactly what’s on her wish list.


#3 Stylish Scented Candles

An elegant, scented candle adds ambiance to any room. But candles these days have expanded the bounds of floral or fruity scents. Let your candle tell a story—or be an inside joke—by looking for candles that are a little different than what you would find in the home goods section of the local convenience store.


Need some ideas? Try giving your hostess a candle that’s...


For an extra thoughtful touch, throw in a rechargeable candle lighter!


#4 Cozy Heatable Slippers

It takes work to create the perfect party, soiree, or chill session. And it’s likely that your favorite hostess has been on her feet all day! Show the perfect hostess you want her to enjoy her “me-time” when all the guests are gone with a pair of warming fuzzy slippers.


Nothing says relaxation like slipping into a pair of warm pillows for your feet.


#5 Artisanal Olive Oil

Wine as a hostess gift? That’s so last decade! Instead, give the perfect hostess a set of artisanal olive oils. Pair these with freshly baked breads for a delicious gift your hostess can share with her guests... or save for when everyone’s gone home.


#6 A Hot Sauce Set

Some hostesses like it hot. Some like it hotter than hot! An assortment of hot sauces will stand out among the typical hostess gifts—especially if your hostess is a fiend for heat. Be sure to include a variety of heat levels in your gift so your hostess can taste-test and find her favorites.


For an extra fun add? Bring an appetizer that pairs well with the hot sauces (like wings, tater tots, or mozzarella sticks) if it’s appropriate. That way, if she’s impatient to try out her gift, your hostess can dive right into the spice challenge!


#7 A Gorgeous Marble and Wood Cutting Board

Is your favorite hostess famous for her charcuterie spreads? A custom marble and wood cheese board will show the perfect hostess how much you appreciate her artistry with cheese and meat. The marble keeps the cheeses, meats, and accoutrements cold while the wood acts as a cutting board. The customization will add a personal touch to your gift and her Instagram pics of her gorgeous edible arrangements.


The Best Gift of All? A Heartfelt “Thank You”

Whether your hostess gift is a trio of olive oils or a beautifully scented candle, one thing will always elevate your hostess gift—a sincere thank you. Let your hostess know how much you appreciate her work and her hospitality, and she’ll remember your words long after the party is over.

Author's Bio: 

Ikhraaf Qaiser is a blogger and renowned author on many websites. He loves to write about health, lifestyle, and travel.