How to ease your house relocation? Well, most people ask this when looking for adept moving and storage in Sydney. Well, moving a house may sound easy, but it isn’t. You’ve to pack your entire house and move that with you. Even if you opt for storage rentals, you must pack each of your house items including your mattresses in the right way. Or else, you may have to deal with torn/damaged things afterwards. So, how can you handle soft, fluffy mattresses for storage and moving? Well, we’ll talk about that in the following article.

7 tips to move and store your mattresses


A high-quality mattress is both valuable and costly. And thus, you must handle it in the right ways for both storage and moving. Here’re the tips from experts,


1. Remove the sheets/comforters from your bed beforehand to take out the mattress from it. Ensure that the mattress is 100% dry by keeping it under a spot with direct sunlight for a few hours.


2. Buy mattress storage bags from a specialised furniture store. You can also ask the moving company or storage provider for that. These bags come in different sizes and types to match your mattress. Experts suggest buying a bag made of thick polyethylene will be the best.


3. Check your mattress carefully to ensure that there’re no signs of infestations and then put it into the bag. If there’re any, make sure to get rid of them. Avoid using anything wet on your mattress when packing it. Now tape the ends of the storage bag with packing tape and ensure that each part of the mattress is safe.


4. Make a clear path to carry the mattress to the truck. Since the mattress is heavy and bulky, load them at the bottom onto the moving truck when moving.


And if you’re storing your mattresses in a self-storage pod, here’re the tips,


5. Look for a storage pod that is completely dry with sufficient air circulation and zero signs of infestations. Experts suggest renting a climate-controlled storage unit will be ideal.


6. Make sure to place your mattress in the right way in the storage rental for its well-being. Never place your mattress on its sides or ends, as these parts are not that sturdy to bear the weight. Experts suggest storing your mattress flat and not putting any other things on them.


7. Finally, make sure to not leave your fluffy mattress for a longer time in storage rental. If so, then visit the storage unit often to reconsider the storage situation to avoid structural and fabric damage.


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