A workout with a foam roller? We are sure you may have never imagined this! But this usually comes across as an exciting way of exercising. A foam roller can help you with your tight muscles when it starts hindering your workout sessions. It is moreover a great tool which helps in improving flexibility, balance and even develop strength. While foam rolling, you apply pressure to certain parts of your body which aids in providing relief from cramped muscles. Also, it further leads to having an effective workout by enhancing your range of motion and diminishing pressure on muscles.

In recent times foam rolling has gained some popularity amongst fitness enthusiasts. Now, whenever they have a knot or suffer from muscle injuries, they find relief using the foam roller. Thus if you are seeking for an easement from chronic pain in your body try out few foam roller exercises. We share with you the exercises that target different muscle groups and additionally wipe out the extreme pain and soreness.

Easy Foam Roller Workout For Entire Body!

To target, every muscle group in your body include these foam rolling exercises in your routine. In order to gain the maximum benefits from foam rolling, roll for long duration at areas of significant discomfort. These are those areas where your muscle is stiff and causing you a lot of pain. Else, you can carry out every workout move for a duration of 20 to 30 seconds if you do not face significant discomfort.

Arm Roll Outs

Arm Rollout Foam Roller exercise

The arm rolls outs greatly help you correct your overall body posture. This exercise using foam roller target your arms and lower back and gives you toned muscles. To perform it, lay flat on your stomach and keep the foam roller above the elbows. Keep your arms wholly extended and now start rolling your arms. Roll up and then bring the forearms in to target your triceps. Keep doing this exercise for around 8 times.

Tricep Dips

Tricep dips foam roller exercise

For toning your triceps who knew you can do the tricep dips with a foam roller. Pick either a short or long foam roller and put it behind your back. Keep your knees in a bent position and ensure you hold the foam roller behind with your hands while the fingers face forward. If you feel discomfort in your wrists this way try doing it while making a fist. Now all you have to do is move up and down to work your triceps. Repeat this workout for ten times.

Upper Back Roll

How to use the foam roller for back pain? Lie down on the floor with your back facing the floor. Next step is to place the foam roller beneath your upper back while you fold your arms for the safety of shoulder blades. Now put your weight on the roller by bringing your hips above the ground. Move your weight to one side when you roll from upper to mid-back. Keep alternating between the sides. Repeat this exercise for at least eight times.

Glute Roll

The glute roll is the ultimate exercise you must add in your list to get relief from lower back pain. Deep within your glutes, there is a muscle located known as piriformis which connects to your lower back area. Thus when you roll this area, you can benefit in diminishing the tremendous aches you go to go through. To begin with, place your foam roller underneath your glutes. Now move your right leg and put it in such a way that the right ankle touches and lies above your left knee. Finally, perform the slow-rolling using your hip and glute and repeat the same exercise with the other leg.

Chest Roll

If you are facing tightness in your upper back, try doing the chest rolls. However, you may have questions about how a chest roll can probably help with this situation. The answer is simple rolling your chest muscles will help you correct the source causing the stiffness in your body. You can experience tremendous shoulder pain and upper back pain while working hard all day on your computer. This happens because your chest muscles bear the stress and you try to work out your shoulders to get pain relief. To perform the chest roll lie down and face the floor. Keep your roller underneath your armpit and extend that arm forward. Men should press their chest completely against the roller and go back and forth. Repeat the movement with other arms.

Hamstring Curls


This exercise helps you accent your hamstring and glute muscles. To start doing the hamstring curls lie down on the floor with your back facing the floor. Secondly place the foam roller beneath your feet and bring your hips up slowly making a bridge. Hold this position with all your strength and roll your feet back and forth to tone your hamstrings. Generally, repeat this exercise for 8 to 10 times. However, you can perform it for more number of times if that area is under a lot of pain.


Pikes are good for your shoulders and lower abs and it also dramatically challenges your body to maintain core stability. To begin with Pike start in a plank position using either your hands or forearms according to your convenience. Meanwhile place the roller beneath your feet and ensure to keep your legs in a straight position. Following this gradually pike your hips up reaching towards the ceiling. Come back to the original plank position to finish the exercise. Furthermore repeat this move for 6 to 8 times to get the benefits for your lower abs.

To sum up foam rolling is not that challenging of an exercise. Once you start doing it, you will eventually get in the groove. The foam roller workout makes for great finishing moves to end your intense training sessions and aid you in relieving pain. We hope you are all pumped up looking forward to trying these exercises out in particular and find great help. Order your foam roller from Amazon and get started!

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