We know that water slides are super fun in the summer and autumn days, they are great to engage kids at any party or event, and sometimes even adults can have a go at it. You can use them in almost any backyards. They provide your kids with semi-portable merrymaking in the water on a warm and bright day. Since portable water slides come in many shapes and sizes, its always necessary to check the instruction manual quite carefully to discern the special care and treatment needed by your water slide. Companies that provide water slide for hire in Adelaide provide you with these general instructions that may guide you on how to take care of your water slide. 

Take Care At The Time of Inflation

When inflating a water slide, the best practice is to raise each chamber in a clockwise manner around the material. It would be best if you continued doing so so that the water slide takes its final shape. Then you can move around the water slide to ensure that all the pockets are adequately bloated as well as a continuous air blower is optimally installed.

Stop Filling Up Air When The Pressure Relief Valve Can’t Contain It

It should be in your best possible interest as the water slide will have the optimum amount of foot support while being used. You may skip this step if your model provides continuous airflow. 

Do Not Satiate The Inflatable Water Slide

It would be best if you experienced a little bit of latency when you are using a water slide. If on the contrary, it feels rock hard, you may have room for air settings adjustments. Satiating the inflatable water slide with air will increase the risks of puncture and explosion.

Keep the Air Temperature in Mind

Pay close attention to the air temperature to avoid any tragic incident. Suppose you are filling the water slide with air in the morning when the wind is cold. As the day gradually moves to the afternoon, the air becomes warmer and expansive. Therefore the internal pressure in each of the air pockets is significantly increased, and it can lead to the moment of an explosion. Consider letting a little air out to adjust air pressure during the afternoon. Or you can alternatively change the settings on your continuous air blower if your inflatable has such a feature. 

Always Take Care When Operating Sharp Objects Around The Water Slide

Any sharp objects can significantly increase the chance of a blowout or explosion, so it will be in your interest to keep the knives and gardening tools away from your inflatable water slide. 

Keep them Clean And Tidy

And cleaning them doesn’t take an army. You can easily wash them with the help of mildly warm water and a block of essential dish soap. You may be tempted to use an oil-based cleaner or a chlorinated disinfectant, but I have to warn you not to because these can degrade and discolour the vinyl.

Store an Inflatable Water Slide Only When It’s Completely Dry

If you put away the inflatable water slide in your basement while it’s still wet, the chances are that moulds and mildews will form on it, making the water slide unsuitable for further use. Therefore, the best practice according to companies which provide water slides for hire in Sheidow Park is to allow the water slide to sit on the sun for at least an hour before deflating and storing it. 

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