The wedding day is the most important day of your life, which you and your to-be family would cherish for life. You may want to execute this day to perfection, and you would make a lot of arrangements to bring your vision to life. You would envision a grand balloon arch, a live band, a lovely venue, a magnificent scene, something blue and tangerine, and last but not least, a majestic diamond ring to bind your partner for life. 

To make the journey to the venue classy and memorable, you can always opt for a limousine service. They are great for pre-wedding parties and work as an elegant background prop for the wedding day photo-shoot. Most importantly, grand entrance to the wedding venue in an elegantly decorated limo will be more than enough to make your wedding the talk of the town. 

Maybe you have already chosen the appropriate vehicle for the day. But how can you decorate your wedding limo to make the best of it? Read more to find out!

Decorating your Wedding Limo to Perfection

The decoration of your limo depends on the theme of your wedding as well as the budget. Make sure that you check with the company that provides wedding limos for hire in Brisbane on whether you can decorate the car or not avoid any extra charges. Wedding is anyway an expensive endeavour, and you don’t want to add to the cost or discover unpleasant surprises. Here are some tips to guide you on the decoration of your wedding car: 

  • You can use traditional greenery and floral garlands which are classy as well as elegant. It will also give off some of the rustic charms if boho wedding is your thing. 
  • If your choice of vehicle is a while limousine, you should decorate it with colourful bows and ribbons. Pastel colour brings out the nostalgia in you and prepares you for a romantic surprise. Alternatively, you can wrap the car with red ribbon like a gift. Satin and tulle are some of the best fabrics you can use for this purpose.
  • Have you thought about decorating your car with colourful balloons? You should give it a thought because nothing gives off the celebratory vibe better than balloons. 
  • Since ancient ages, it has been a wedding custom to tie baby shoes to the wedding carriage. Baby shoes symbolized fertility, and people used to throw shoes at the newlyweds to wish them luck. This tradition has now been replaced by tin cans or anything that makes a lot of noise. Tie some tin cans at the back of the wedding limo to make it more traditional.
  • You can hang a ‘just married’ banner at the back window, or try mirror frame clings. 
  • What about pompoms? They can provide your wedding car with a playful look!
  • You can tweak the licence plate with your and your spouse’s initials.

Many companies rent out wedding cars in Brisbane, and you should make the right pick by looking at the reviews posted on websites. There are many new companies out there, and they would only be too happy to take care of your wedding day transportation so that your ride is smooth for the rest of the married life. 

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The owner of a company that offers chauffeur-driven wedding limos for hire in Brisbane, the author, has one of the largest fleet of wedding cars in Brisbane area, all of which are suitable for your grand entry at the wedding venue. Besides running a prosperous organization, the author writes occasional blogs to make people aware of the recent trends in the wedding car hire industry.