Personality is an index of one’s thoughts, activities, and emotions. It’s a natural desire to be looked different and exceptional. That’s why everyone tries his/her best to improve personality. A person having eye-catching character becomes the center of attention for all associations. You can enjoy such self-confidence and respect if you know how to develop a warmer personality.

A smile is a Magic

Your mood shouldn’t be the slave of others’ behavior. A smile plays magic and attracts people in your surroundings. You throw a good party with your friends and colleagues with each laugh. The brain gets healthier and stronger with the habit of smiling. Wrinkles are the byproduct of anxiety and depression. Kick them out of the life with the smile – not medicines.

Be A Good Listener

Learn how to cultivate the skill of listening. Give people importance no matter what they say about you. People will be desirous to speak with you at all forums. It is said, your character has much to do with your ability to listen and people’s willingness to talk to you. No one can construct an impressive personality without the practice of listening.

Exchange Your Views

It is also a rule of thumb that people will avoid you if you become as silent as the picture. Give physical form to your ideas with impressive words. Seek the art of getting the attention of other people with the communication skills. Expand the range of your interests and pursue knowledge about new passions. You will be an interesting person for your community due to vast knowledge and skills.

Seek Good Manners

Good manners reflect the person’s personality. In fact, these are a mirror that shows one’s breeding and upbringing. Use proper words such as Dr, Sir, Madam while speaking to other. Be with friends who are civilized and educated. Say sorry if you find yourself guilty.

Choose Wardrobe to Look Like Yourself

Dressing style plays the crucial role in the personality development. It is right supposed “a man is known by his dress and address.” A vast number of attire designs are hitting the market industry every day. Choose dresses carefully as your dress will speak about your personality. Get assistance from your friends, brother or sister to choose perfect clothing.

Keep Your Hair Healthy

It is necessary to keep your hair healthy. Unfortunately, a significant number of young people are losing hair. Hair follicles fall prey of disease which results in hair fall. Eat a healthy diet and take medication if you detect any hair related problem. Anxiety is a big reason for hair fall. Be happy and enjoy the life as depression isn’t going to solve the problems.

Don’t Break Promises

Be a man of words as it is a common practice of people who have good personalities. Give helping to others instead of making lame excuses. Follow the timetable in all walks of life. Don’t get late at meetings. If you say your family members, you’ll take them to the party! Do it.

Habits take time to develop. You can make the cherished customs permanent part of your personality with continuous practice.

Author's Bio: 

Rasel Khan is an internet entrepreneur