Originally named Music Production Controller, The Akai MPC is an integrated digital sampling drum machine and MIDI sequencer created by American designer Roger Linn. Production of the machine began in 1988.

The MPC allows musicians to create elaborate tracks without a studio and opening the way for new sampling techniques. This article provides some neat tips on getting yourself a suitable set of the impressive machine.

1.Determine your budget

If your main concern is cost, and you have a small budget, consider the AKAI MPC2000, which is the first user-friendly drum machine. Cheap models online go for extremely low-price tags. The machine is a good example of sequencer. The XL version is an advanced form of the MPC2000 with additional features that could be considered by advanced users.

2.What features are you looking for?

If ramping up on features is your primary desire, then we recommend opting for Akai MPC 4000. The machine is for professionals who wish to have a firm control. If you are buying an MPC containing everything and have varied capabilities, here is the perfect model to purchase. Just beware: the machine is more analog than anything else, and as time passes, people are opting for digital setups.

3. What kind of sound are you looking for?

If you cannot make up your mind on the type of music that suits yours taste, aim for something that has everything in it. The Akai MPC5000 is probably the most technologically advanced MPC created.Got the dough to spend, looking for MPC with lots of features? Cannot decide on the type of music? Well, this set eases those concerns.

4. What age do you want your MPC to come from?

Some people love the classics, while others prefer a more modern stance, this dichotomy is naturally so, just like music genre. If you are into the latest gadgets, then Akai MPC Resistance is your right fit. It is the most tech-friendly and latest model in the market, perfect for generation-Z consumers. The machine includes a huge 9 GB sample library with sounds from the 3000 and other expansions, just to showcase its new age capabilities.

5. Is your Studio digital, analog or hybrid?

Is your studio digital, analog, hybrid? Not to fret, the Akai MPC 1000 works well anyway. The MPC 10000 is recommended for those who take their music to the next level and wish to make music in any kind of studio.

6. Are you using your MPC for studio or performances?

If you are intending to use your MPC for your home studio, look no further than MPC Touch, its 7″ color multi-touch display, 16 velocity-sensitive MPC pads (with RBG backlights), step sequencer, phrase looper, pad mixer, sample edit control, 4 touch-sensitive controls, MPC software 2.0 and 20GB of sounds is a perfect fit for your home.

7. Portability

If you seek MPC that is compact that you can take around with you wherever you go, this is it. The Akai MPC 500 was the first portable MPC made. It may be difficult to sequence and sample but in terms of mobility, this is a cut above the rest.


There is no one-size fits all answer, it truly depends on the characteristic that you value. Be very careful with your selection though since every machine has its pros and cons. Above all else, enjoy the funky creation of music by selecting a perfect MPC! I don't think you will get anything better. So you can try now!

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