Maharashtrians treasure and value their jewelleries. So, to every Marathi woman, a piece of jewellery is a true manifestation of art and culture that intensifies her beauty.

Hence, maintaining and preserving those intricate pieces of jewelleries bear supreme importance. Following are the tips all can follow to protect their sets of Maharashtrian jewellery:

Regular cleansing

This method may seem a little laborious, but it’s one of the most effective ways to make jewellery last forever. Jewelleries like gold, silver or even diamond, which are worn daily need regular cleansing.

Gentle buffing is a key to eradicate dirt without causing any harm to the piece.

Keep away from chemicals

Avoid keeping jewelleries like Naath, Kolhapuri Saaj and Kada from chemicals at any cost. Chemical agents have the power to tarnish or simply discolour the precious ornaments. One should always take away jewelleries before diving into a chlorinated swimming pool or even during a visit to a polluted area.

Apart from these, one should also restrain from spraying perfume after wearing jewellery, especially the enamelled ones. Perfume can corrode the jewellery and enamel work.

Use of lukewarm water

This is a very easy way to maintain gold jewelleries. Sometimes, just by placing a piece of jewellery in a bowl of lukewarm water for a couple of minutes can create wonders. Once done, one should pat dry it to retain the lustre.

Storage is important

A proper storage can prevent corrosion, tarnishing and even knots and chipping in jewelleries. Every jewellery stays at its best when it resides inside its original store box.

Additionally, diamond jewelleries are the hardest and have the potential to scratch other precious gems and metals. So, one should also have different pouch or box for diamond, gold and silver ornaments.

Lastly, air-tight zippers and boxes are mostly recommended for storage purpose. This kind of storage prevents moisture from entering.

Wear intricate jewellery occasionally

Well, jewelleries also need a break at times. The ones which are made with minute strings and details must be worn occasionally. This is a sure-shot way to store them in good state for a long time.

However, the ones which are worn daily also demand recess. You may simply remove them while going to bed to ensure lifetime longevity of a piece of jewellery.

Remove few of them during daily chores

Remove jewelleries like neckpieces and rings during daily activities like bathing, washing and doing dishes.

Taking away ornaments during bath helps to keep away moisture. However, while doing dishes or kneading flour, one should remove one’s ring in order to prevent misplacement and preserve its aura.

Ammonia and water can be a solution

Water and ammonia make a good choice of a cleanser when mixed in right proportions. So, to maintain gold jewelleries, one can simply make a blend of 2 parts of water and 1 part of ammonia.

Dipping gold ornaments in this mixture for about 3 to 5 minutes can eradicate dirt. However, this rule won’t work for platinum or pearl jewellery.

Maharashtrian jewellery in any form is a long-term investment. So, preserving the assets with the above tips is a must for you and the coming generations too.

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