If you’re like me you're probably always in search of the most effective techniques for personal development.

There are many fantastic ways to gain momentum - things that you can do along with any specific techniques that you have chosen to aid your own inner healing and personal growth.

After spending over a decade studying and actively taking part in personal development, I've come across a few fundamentals that we all ought to implement into our lives; and thought I’d share 7 easy self-improvement tips to help you on your journey to achieve greater success in life.

Positive Expectations

People who achieve great things in life, are generally no more intelligent or capable than anyone else, although they do one thing different which many people have trouble doing.

Most of us continue dreading the worst; successful individuals expect to win -
even before they’ve figured out how to pull it off! Go about your day feeling as if everything is finally ‘clicking into place,’ and shrug off the rest - as they say, the rest is just a matter of perseverance.

By having positive expectations, after some time, you’ll experience wonderful things in your life in ever increasing amounts because what you put out you get back!

Writing Goals and Plans of Actions

It is an absolute MUST if you ever hope to accomplish anything, to get into the habit of writing down clear and specific goals. This is because writing down your goals clarifies them and begins constructing powerful images deep within the subconscious mind, which manifest over time.

Once you have your priority goals highlighted, and even placed along a proper time-line, work on your plans of action for achieving those goals, as this will gives you tremendous purpose and passion.

Also it will provide a solid framework from which specific actions can be derived that can be taken each day towards the realization of your long-term goals.

Feeling and Affirming Gratitude

Gratitude has the power to change your life in ways unimaginable to you unless of course you are already a long time practitioner of gratefulness.

It will shift your whole perspective of life for the better and literally change your inner dialogue, self-expression, confidence and of course the decisions and actions you take.

For best results, write one positive affirmation centered around the foundation of Gratitude, for each key area of your life such as health, relationships, finances, and so on and make a commitment to affirming them out aloud at least once a day, and allow yourself to feel truly grateful for your life.

Daily Journaling

One of the greatest tips you'll find is keeping a journal.
Not only is it a great way to get anything off your chest it also helps to clarify your thoughts and you’ll begin to develop a keen sense of self-awareness. Try not to dwell on the negative though, get it all out and then focus on the positive.

The best way to do this is, each night before bed write out a list of a few things that you feel you have done successfully. This might include something as small as taking the time to read to your children or as much of a milestone as finishing a triathlon!

The more you acknowledge your successes, the more you will establish an unwavering self-confidence.

Continue to Learn

The more you continue to learn and implement the principles of personal growth, the more effective they'll be in your own life. To help deepen your understanding of the principles you want to apply to your life, you may want to write each one out as if you were explaining it to others.

Also learning in general is awesome for your moral and at any age can add vigor to your step. To learn new things of interest will keep your mind sharp and again it will have a profound effect on your confidence levels as you get closer to becoming a master in each pursuit.


Giving to others unconditionally is one of the greatest traits one can posses. It is a sure sign of strong character. If you give to others without caring if you receive anything in return, you have taken the first steps to engage the laws of abundance.

Of course, you should help out in any way you can but there is no need to be a martyr.

All I know is this, give regularly to your favorite charity and help others often and you’ll watch your life improve beyond measure.


Meditation is probably the most commonly overlooked of these 7 self improvement tips although it is also one of the most important.

Meditation has been considered the most effective means of reducing stress and clearing out your mind of negative thoughts which often lead to worry and anxiety - for approximately five thousand years although I can imagine it’s really as old as human kind.

Daily meditation helps to slow your heart rate and makes your sleep more restful;
it also enables your body to recover faster, it can even help to regulate your
digestion among dozens of other health benefits.

The one thing that would make the other six of these 7 self improvement tips truly effective would be the daily practice of meditation.

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