Much has happened in the last year, which undeniably affected how digital marketing trends are shaped in 2021. There is a visible shift in how the market moves now, specifically since consumer habits changed due to the pandemic.
Today, customers actively shop online, while plenty of enterprises opened digital storefronts to expand their reach. This year, competition between businesses is more significant than ever, and it takes a unique digital marketing strategy to win.
Staying in the game means being informed of these seven digital marketing trends for 2021 that business owners and marketers absolutely cannot afford to ignore.

Personalised marketing

Consumers tend to pick a product or service that makes them feel. According to studies, people make over 60% of buying decisions using the brain's left side, which handles emotion. It means that a buyer assesses whether a brand appeals to their interest, behaviour, and style before going ahead with a purchase.
Big websites like Netflix and Amazon are well-loved by their customers because of their targeted recommendations. They control what content appears to a particular user based on what will make them want to know a product or service more.
Dropping references of a client's favorite movie or music on email campaigns lets them know that the brand offers a one-to-one user experience, which delivers magical results. For instance, EasyJet, a British international airline, created a personalised email campaign that enabled 25% more clickthrough than their traditional email approach.

Visual search

Experts cannot stress enough how visual content is becoming increasingly essential in any online campaign. With advanced technology, the visual search takes hold of the trends in digital marketing today. Users need only upload a photo of the product or service they are searching to get relevant and specific search results.
As seen on visual search tools like Pinterest's Lens, Bing Visual Search, and Google Lens, this new craze allows people to find where a product can be bought online. On Pinterest, over 600 million searches happen per month, and any marketer could build a strategy that takes advantage of this statistic.


Chatbots offer 24-hour service via instant replies for customer enquiries. Based on surveys, 95% of customer service will be supported by chatbots in 2021. This Artificial Intelligence or AI technology will continue to make waves this year as a top digital marketing strategy.
While chatbots have been around for quite some time, it's here to stay for a few more years because about 75% of users choose to message as a way to communicate with a brand. Companies can also benefit from chatbots by saving money otherwise spent on resources for customer service.
Additionally, it enables conversational marketing, which offers a one-to-one experience between the consumer and marketer. It helps brands connect with clients based on their terms, such as the schedule, platform, and device.

Video Marketing

More customers are shopping from home, which is why marketing strategies now include video content. This tool allows a buyer to see a 360-degree view of the product and inspect it thoroughly before purchasing. This trend will likely persist for years to come because it promotes better brand recognition.
According to a survey, about 52% of consumers believe that product videos help them make online buying decisions confidently. This solution is not confined to Youtube—video marketing can happen via live broadcasts and video blog posts. It is a highly flexible way to highlight a product or service, and it's here to stay.

Interactive Marketing

Event-driven marketing is gaining traction in the industry because it provides exceptional online engagement like no other. More than 90% of users actively search for interactive content based on multiple studies, especially when looking for a brand.
This marketing tool is a fast-growing trend, allowing dynamic and engaging content that promotes fun for customers. It includes polls and quizzes, e-books, infographics, giveaways, augmented reality ads, and more. Interactive marketing is a definite improvement from traditional text-based strategies, and it's inspiring consumers to develop a deeper relationship with a brand.

Voice Search and Smart Speakers

Voice shopping is expected to become a $40 billion venture in 2022, making it one of the online marketing trends to watch out for this year. It's worth inspecting existing digital marketing strategies and rewiring them to include voice search since it might be the next prominent inclusion in campaigns.
Smart speakers are also the new it-thing for homes. Many people incorporate such gadgets into their daily routines, opening a channel where relevant information can be sent. Adopting a robust voice search strategy allows marketers to create a unique customer experience that fosters brand loyalty.

Influencer Marketing

Plenty of buying decisions push through after an influencer recommends a brand. Around 58% of people purchased a product or sought a service because of their favorite influencer. These celebrities and social media personalities already have a considerable following who trust whatever the famous person endorsers could be good for them, too.
Influencer advertising rounds up the digital marketing trends for 2021 because it provides authentic and relatable content for would-be clients. Influencers help intensify the brand's message, enabling a product or service to be discovered by a massive group of potential buyers at the same time.
The challenge that comes with this tool is finding the most suitable influencer for the specific niche. Having the right one gives the brand a voice that reaches the target audience that begets more online engagement and conversions.

Wrapping up

These 2021 digital marketing trends you can't ignore could help businesses and marketers stay competitive in the industry. It is crucial to keep up with changes and updated with the latest trends to up a brand's staying power in the competition.
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