Welcome back we are now in Week 2: Where we will be working together to help you to be prepared

You will find by now after the last 7 days, you will have begun to develop a whole new outlook on life. You have a stronger sense of your ability to take control of your body:

A sense of how you want your level of fitness to be:

Your energy levels have already begun to improve now that you are focused on the positive aspects of your life.

The exercise part of this will include 7 variable workouts for you.

As the program is only for 7 days over 7 weeks there is no rest day.

If you are limited with some of the things you can do, I would suggest that you change it to suite your level of where you feel you can manage. Just remembering the more intense the workout the more calories you burn. Take each step one day at a time.

You will need:

A Stability Ball

A pair of light dumbbells – 3 – 4 kilos

Enough room to stretch out and move

A note book so that you can journal your progress, activities and food intake

Track Pants, T-shirt, Windcheater

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Planning: To Do List

I truly believe you can reach any goal or aspiration for your life by having a plan, then from that plan putting into place a daily to-do list. You can do this on your phone, within your email account. Just makes things so much easier, plus helps to manage that feeling of overwhelm as you mark off the things as you do them.

However one word of caution here, don’t do like I did in and put in more than you can achieve.

Keep to your 30 – 60 minutes of routine exercises you have chosen for each day. You can alter these to fit your day and to add variety.

Currently I do my To-do-list on my Outlook calendar that is linked up through Microsoft to my Microsoft phone. This is then connected to both my work computer and my home computer. The key here is synchronization, my To-Do-List is synchronized to my phone. Therefore I am connected, this enabling me to stay on task and easily organized.

Always Remember

The beauty of having a To-do-list, is that you will never forget anything again. Whenever someone asks me if I can do something or I have a thought of something I want to do. I can immediately go to my To-do-list and schedule it in as I always have my phone with me.

Often when I have random brainstorms or go to a place I have really enjoyed and want to go again. I can enter these things into my “Notes” application on my phone. Our amazing phones now even allow us to use voice-to-text, this will save time typing. I haven’t quite done this one yet.

Becoming more effective is the key to success in area that you are working on. Where stick-it notes, scrap paper and writable planners might be working for you now or in the past. Using your phone will help you to effectively stick to your plans, whilst eliminating a great deal of stress from your life. It may take a little while to learn these things and put them into place, but believe me it will be worth it in the long run. You will be amazed by how much quicker things are and how much more reliable you become to both yourself and the people in your life.

I know you may be Thinking this is all too much!

It’s Ok you are taking this one day at a time: Then one week at a Time

Before taking in more Information

‘You Can Do It’

Just in Case you Missed Week 1 here is the Link for YOU

See you next week

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