I once had a cordless phone that had multiple channels that allowed you to switch channels. One day I accidentally unplugged it when cleaning, when I went to pick up the handset to make a call, I was amazed that the receiver was picking up the phone conversation of someone in the apartment complex, who apparently was cheating on her husband. So if you have a cordless phone, beware. However, this month is not about phone security but cyber security. Computer Signals, digital signals and other radio signals are around us all the time. Many hotels and public venues offer “FREE INTERNET” these days. Wi-Fi hotspots can be programmed to make a record of everything you type using a rogue connection. According to a report in New York Times, a simple program called Firesheep allows others to access your computer through a shared hotspot. With such programs available, it is critical for you to take some measures for protecting your private and financial information against misuse. So before you turn on your laptop while you are sitting down and eating lunch there are a few precautions you should take to keep your information secure.

Trust Your Instincts – This is always my number one security tip. If you have a funny feeling that something it not quite right about the internet connection or some of the people around…leave.
Stay with the computer: - this should be a no brainer, but there are more than 2 million laptops stolen each year. Treat your laptop like $5000 cash.
Have a computer Login – even if you are the only user of your laptop, create a login with a secure password, so that it would be difficult to access your data. I windows you have the added feature to making your data private.
Watch for Prying Eyes –using your laptop at a public place some thieves will simply look over your shoulder to see what you are typing. Another trick used by some hackers is to use a video camera to record your hands at the keyboard. Use your body as a shield if you must type in personal information at a public PC. You can also consider purchasing a laptop privacy filter. It causes anyone not looking directly at your screen to see a black image.
Always use a firewall: There are a number of FREE (www.download.com) firewalls available. These firewalls will notify you in case anybody tries to access your files or your machine. Most recent versions of many popular OS such as Windows have them. Before your get one, please read the review, and always make sure it is turned on.
Always turn off the Wi-Fi when you are not using it: Never login to an unknown network and leave your system on. This will help avoid other people trying to access your system when you are not using your machine.
Disable Wi-Fi Adhoc: Disabling this feature will prevent your system from connecting to someone else’s machine.
Keeping these tips in mind when using public Wi-Fi hotspots will go a long way in helping you avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble.

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