Career is perhaps the most crucial undertaking in an individual's professional life. There exists no easy path to immediate success. Success is eventually carved out after multiple cases of trial and error. However, in your journey towards career succession, avoid making mistakes that could knock you down.

Job Museum is a job consultancy based in Surat. We offer myriads of jobs in Surat city and through our years of expertise we have curated this list of mistakes that could potentially destroy your career.

1. Stop learning

Well, the pathway to success was never smooth. In order to succeed you have to constantly evolve and adapt. One of the most critical mistakes you could make in your career is to stop learning. World around us is rapidly changing and the skills that were used months back won't be useful for months from now. You stop your possibility for growth when you fail to step out of your comfort zone. Always lookout for opportunities to adapt new skills.

2. Lack of career goals

Just because you're good at doing what you do, doesn't ensure that you would carve out a successful career for yourself. A sense of direction and purpose fuels us to function in a productive way. Your career potentially ends when you have no definite pathway to move forward to. You have to design a feasible plan that would help you in achievement of career goals. Take some time out of the fixed routine in everyday lives and plan for your goals that could help you succeed.

3. Lack of networking skills

As important as networking is in our personal lives it is in our professional lives. One of the trivial mistakes made by an individuals in their career is to avoid creating new connections. Your skills and aptitude might get you a job but it is your networking skills that could help you carve out a path to success. Maintain your relations with co-workers and superiors. They work directly with you and would always offer you advice through their constructive criticism.

4. Consistent poor performance

No one is expected to churn cent percent perfect results in their workplace. Employers appreciate those employees who maintain consistency in their workflow. However, minor glitches in the performance, now and then are ignored because there are numerous external factors that affect the productivity of an employee. But if the trend for poor performance continues over time, you might soon lose your job. It is advisable to keep your performance in check through continuous evaluation, correction and implementation.

5. Ending the things on bitter note

You might have hated that lousy job and the nosy co-worker of yours. But it makes no sense to end those relations on a bitter note, just because you're moving to a new organization. Never leave an organization on bad terms instead try and maintain cordial relation with the co-workers, as you move ahead with the next phase of life. The professional world is closely linked and you would not want your future to suffer because of some stupid mistake in past.

6. Making it money centric

Undoubtedly, money is the centre of all the activities we conduct at our work place. But it is equally important to think above and beyond monetary aspects while making critical decisions. You would not want a new job that would pay handsomely but would lack opportunities for growth. Your career sees a dead end when all you think about is money. Instead try to divulge your focus on the skills and qualities that could help you uplift your career. The more beneficial your skills are to an organization, more are the possibilities of growth.

7. Too comfortable with comfort zone

The secret to success lies in constant progression. And while being stable and steady at your job might seem interesting, your growth would face stagnation after a point. Review your career goals regularly and always look out for opportunities that could help you achieve those goals holistically. You have to step off your comfort zone and take the challenges. Challenges make you stronger and more confident.

There exists no such term as a perfect career. However, avoiding these horrendous mistakes in your career would save you from ending your career on a disruptive note.

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