Amidst what is currently going on with the #BlackLivesMatter movement and COVID-19 pandemic being in effect, it is easy to slip into a negative mindset. Many may find themselves viewing the world from a dark perspective or being at fault for blaming themselves for what is happening. 

We’re harnessing the power of optimism in innovative ways because taking ownership over the little things matters now more than ever. Practicing these positive actions can help you feel better -- and thus will spread to your community. 

Disclosure: Before moving forward with this blog we want to stress how important it is to stand up for Equal Rights. In fact, our 8th Company Value stands behind inclusion and showcases our commitment to “being an inclusive network that cultivates diversity in a community environment where one can truly belong.” We stand behind our values and hold them near and dear to our hearts. We hope for a day when everyone in the world shares this value with us. 

- Express Gratitude
- Strengthen Your Sense of Community
- Practice Generosity
- Challenge Your Perspective
- Stay Organized
- Journal Your Thoughts
-  Confide With Your Inner Circle

Challenge: Open up to your inner circle the next time you feel anxious, frustrated, sad, or any negative emotion. Being honest and transparent can alleviate a lot of built-up emotions.

If you accept the challenge to a positive attitude, let us know on social media (@eWomenNetwork) and pass it on. 

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