If you really want a great social media strategy then you need to stop writing boring content. The following seven steps will have your readers hooked and coming back for more:

  1. This may sound elementary, my dear Watson, but you always need to watch your grammar and spelling. Speak kindly to your audience and make sure you spell correctly. No one wants to read a poorly written blog. Even if your message is great, you will lose your audience with poor delivery and slowly erode your credibility. Spell check is your friend!
  2. In the same vein, write in short, brief paragraphs. Pay attention to your favorite blogs that you read the entire way through. You’ll quickly notice that if you write long-winded paragraphs no one will read past the first few lines.
  3. Use bullets and numbering. It makes for a visually pleasing article and the brain can more easily compartmentalize or ‘chunk’ information in order to retain it more easily.
  4. Make sure you end with a call to action. You can tell people that the job rate is lower than it has been for years, but if the point of the article is to provoke action then give them a link to a petition to send to Congress or a button to purchase your product on how to make it through a tough economy.
  5. Make sure you have share buttons that post your articles to people’s Facebook accounts and all other popular social networks. If you say something inspiring, you want to make it as easy as possible for your reader to be able to share that content with the world in less than three seconds!
  6. Use adjectives in moderation but do use them. “Sally, the dog, jumped joyously over the moonlit fence” offers a much better mental picture than “Sally jumped over the fence”. Paint a picture with words. It captivates your audience and stimulates their imagination.
  7. Write about topics you are passionate for. That emotion that people can easily connect to will come through when you write with passion. Skip topics that you find utterly boring. It will take you much longer than it’s worth to come up with decent web content for your social media strategy and that wastes valuable time.

Do you have an idea about an article for a blog or other social media outlet for your social media strategy? Share it with us below.

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