If you are a student or a fresher, then this article will help you a lot. Today, we are going to discuss 7 common Resume mistakes a fresher / student must avoid and how a professional Resume writing service can help you to get a professional Resume.

Do you find it difficult to get an Interview with a reputed organization? Do you know the reason why you are not getting an interview chance? It may be because you don’t have a professional Resume. College students and fresh graduates make an aggressive approach to their desired companies to get an interview, but fail because they don’t produce a Resume that builds communication between the recruiter and them. As the competition in the job market is increasing day-by-day, a fresher needs to do everything possible to grow their career. Resumes do the job and help a fresher kick-start their career.

Mistakes made by freshers that cost them a job:

Improper Resume format:

Employers read and scan thousands of CVs and Resumes for every recruitment process and reject those Resumes immediately that are poorly built or inconsistent. To pass this selection process, you need a proper Resume format that looks professional. All the points must be highlighted and properly mentioned. All those important sections, like Education, Skills, Competencies must be mentioned with proper heading and aligned accordingly. Font sizes and choice of fonts matters too. It must be something that is easy to read as well as looks professional.

Not mentioning a High-School Job:

If you are a student and stepping to the professional world, your Resume must have all those information that may impress the employer at the first-look. If you did any job while studying and find it unnecessary to mention in your Resume, you will make a huge mistake. The job could be freelancing or volunteering with any organization, you need to mention it to your Resume. We learn some skills like responsibility, punctuality, hard-work from our very first job and employers are aware of that. Potential employers want to see that if you have fulfilled your duties properly or not and that makes a good impression.

Forgetting Skills section:

Every person got some unique skills set. A Resume is the platform to show your skills to the potential employer so that they can come to a decision that if you are a capable candidate for the job or not. As you are a student or fresher, you can consider the skills section as the most important section in your CV or Resume. You must include both of your soft skills as well as hard skills to the skills section. If you have some particular skills that are relevant to the particular job but you don’t have any experience, still there is a huge chance of your selection. So, don’t forget to include your skills in your Resume. Read more at https://mycvdesigner.com

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