You open your fridge hoping to enjoy a glass of chilled water, and suddenly find that your reliable unit is not working! And although this is very frustrating, truth be told, it is somewhat inevitable.

Your refrigerator is an electronic device, and after months-and-months of use, it is bound to malfunction at some point. So, if you find that your fridge isn’t cooling as well as it should; then below explains 7 reasons why this could have happened.

Possible Reasons Why Your Fridge Is Not Working:-

  • The Evaporator Fan is Faulty:-

Notable experts of fridge repairs in Sydney say: -

‘Your unit’s evaporator fan circulates the cold air from the unit’s freezer to other parts of the refrigerator. When that fan stops working, it doesn’t circulate cool air within the food section. This leads to the freezer being cold, but the other section warm.’

  • The Defrost System Got Out Of Order:-

The defrost system is usually what regulates both defrost and cooling cycle. The prime components include a defrost heater and a defrost timer- which changes the refrigerator from cooling to defrost.

When stopping at the cooling mode, it leads to frost build-up on the evaporator coils, thus hampering the air-flow. And, when stopping at the defrost mode, it causes all the frost to melt away and doesn’t return to the usual cooling cycle.

  • The Compressor Is Faulty:-

As the compressor stands as the heart of your fridge cycle, when it doesn’t function as well as expected, the whole cooling process gets hampered. The primary responsibility of the compressor is to compress the formed refrigerant. Once it is turned into a high-pressure hot vapour, it flows via the condenser and condenses into high-pressure liquid.

The whole air flows above the cooling coils and keeps the unit cool and properly functioning. Hence, when the compressor goes on the fritz; the fridge’s cooling cycle cannot begin.

  • Condenser Coil Is Dirt-Filled: -

Whenever the hot refrigerant condenses inside the condenser, there is lots of heat which is dissipated at the time of this conversion. If the condenser coil is dirt-filled and full of debris, then that heat won’t dissipate out from the coils. Instead, that heat remains in the unit and hampers its cooling efficiency.

  • The Refrigerant Level Is Insufficient: -

In words of experts offering fridge repairs in Liverpool; the compressor may be the heart of your fridge, but the refrigerant is the blood of the cooling cycle.

If the refrigerant leaks or is below the required limit, that effects the whole cooling cycle present inside the refrigerator.

  • The Start Capacitor Is Defective: -

The start capacitor is what gives a boost to the compressor to start. If you notice the capacitor burned out, the unit’s compressor will cease to start, and that will prevent the refrigerator cycle to not commence.

  • The Start Relay Is Defective: -

This start relay is device which is mainly located near the compressor and is responsible for starting the unit up. If you notice any defect in the start capacitor, the compressor won’t function, and cooling won’t happen.

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