In Chinese Medicine, the mind, body, and spirit are one. And when any one of those areas gets out of balance… this imbalance creates disease.

What can you do to create balance and circulate Qi or Chi energy?

1 - From a Western perspective, we think of doing as all important. And don’t get me wrong… doing is great but the mind and body also need times to reflect and just be. In Eastern philosophy spending time in nature… working on a hobby… or taking time for reading is vital for great health.

2 - In Chinese Medicine, we invigorate all the meridian channels of the body and allow energy to flow everywhere. This is why Tai Chi and QiGong and other martial arts are so important. These martial arts create a flow of vital Chi energy and open up blockages of Chi energy this creating health. If you’ve ever seen a QiGong master push forward with his hand and knock backward 12 men running towards him… you would know that Chi energy is very powerful.

3 - In Chinese Medicine, they also know that right thinking is vital for great health. Negative thinking stagnates Chi Energy and thus disease steps in. So think good thoughts, think loving thoughts, think well and be well.

4 - One must concentrate the mind. Our mind is always moving from one thought to another. And in Chinese medicine, it is vital to learn meditation in order to calm the mind and keep Chi energy moving in a smooth orderly fashion. Without this disease steps in and takes over.

5 - One must have reverence for life. Knowing that Chi or spirit energy flows through everything in existence in the Universe. And that we part of this Universe and thus must have a great understanding and love for all that exists.

6 - Eating right is also important. Chinese Showlin Martial Arts Masters are all vegans and because of this are extremely healthy and are very powerful even into old age. They know that all plants contain energy and thus they are taking in Chi from all plants that will become part of their energy.

7 - Concentrate Chi energy in your body in order to have great strength, great health, and stamina. This is done with the process of visualization and breathing techniques that bring about a powerful flow of Chi energy into the body. Chi energy is all around us and all we have to do is tap into this vital energy with the practice of correct breathing.

This is just a beginning - the list very long.

The Balance of Mind-Body-and Spirit is Everything!

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider - Master Herbalist

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