During COVID-19, virtual communication became an integral part of our daily life. Also it is a top priority for enterprises and startups. To help this upsurge in unexpected demand, communication APIs turned into a go-to option and today they are the most favored technology for virtual communication. To make it scalable and inexpensive there are various options available. Twilio has been one of the top API providers for communication services since 2008. It is popular due to its ease of use and whole suite of enterprise services that it offers. But, the most popular option is not always the best option. So before choosing the best one, you must analyze several options with their pros and cons. Here we came with 7 best alternatives to twilio. Before digging to the alternatives let us discuss- why is there a need for an alternative to Twilio?
Need Of Alternative To Twilio-
Twilio has been helping businesses with customized communication since the beginning of the API era. But there are some limitations to the Twilio. For instance, European Union has strict laws for data exchange with US. As per GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation), data transfer across servers in the US and EU should be safe. GDPR helps to regulate the data transfer. According to the EU court’s latest ruling, it is now illegal to use US-based cloud service provider though it has physical server in Europe. So many European companies are looking towards a Twilio alternative.

Also Twilio has pricing issue, it offers communication API services at high price. Total cost of ownership with Twilio is expensive. At the same time, there are twilio alternatives that offer similar services at low TCO. Let us see the top 10 alternatives to Twilio.

7 Best Twilio Alternatives In 2021-
1. Plivo-
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