7 Best Shopify Page Builders To Boost Your Sales
With this modern lifestyle, online shopping becomes more effective for those who love shopping. There are 100+ online shopping websites and apps are available to serve you the best shopping experience. Every day we search for something better and attractive than the others and is the same with the online shopping stores too. Your storefront reflects your brand and it should be designed in such a way that it should stand in the competitive marketplace. Here comes the need of pagebuilder.

Page builders are the tools that allows you to put together websites in record time by providing pre-built elements that you can arrange as you want. You can embed them into your pages, move them around, and see the impacts right away. Hence you don’t need to recruit a developer or designer with high cost. There are a lot of Shopify page builders available that help you to design a storefront that better reflects your brand image. Page builders can help you to convert more visitors into customers. Some Shopify page builders are drag and drop which means you can select the element that you want(video, image, text etc.) and drag it to the location on the screen you want it. Here we’ll discuss some best Shopify page builder apps from the Shopify app store. Let us started!

Top 7 Shopify Page Builder-
1. Shogun-
This is a powerful visual editor adored by marketers and designers to design landing pages, product pages and blog pages so as to attract audiences to your store and convert them into customers/email subscribers. It provides a drag and drop feature with which you can make all the product images and landing pages more attractive. Also the functions are customizable means the store owners can make their stores unique by themselves. Shogun allows shopify shops to integrate with social networks like Facebook, Instagram etc to boost customer’s conversion rate. It also offers features like hover effects, Add to cart button, tabs, separator, table, video, social media icons, map, section with image, video background, heading, text, columns, image carousel slideshow, accordion, countdown timer/ clock and so on. And one of the most important points is, it is easy to add the products data into any page that the store owner wants.

Provide drag and drop tool to easily build the page
Easy to insert the product data
Provide add to cart button
Integrate with the Google Analytics, Adobe Typekit, etc
2. GemPages Page Builder And Funnel-
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