These days mobile apps are an important part of our daily life. Similarly, it has become a major medium for businesses to reach a large number of online customers and drive sales. According to the research, a normal person is stuck to a cell phone for an average of 3 hours and 43 minutes on a daily basis. Hence, it has become business-centric to have a feature rich mobile application. To have a successful mobile application, it is necessary to have an application that is fulfilled with intuitive and vivid user experiences (UX) capable of delivering great performance in any condition.

Changing business sector dynamics and increasing client expectations are continuously evolving the mobile application testing industry. To enable high performance delivered at a faster time-to-market, advanced mobile application testing trends have emerged. For, quality-at-speed, businesses focus through mobile app testing before each release of application. Let us see the modern mobile app testing trends that will drive growth in 2020.

Mobile App Testing Trends In 2020-
1. Use of Open Source Automation Tools-
If you haven’t automated your testing processes yet, then 2020 is the most noteworthy time for you to start. Open source tools are popular due to their flexibility and support to all kinds of mobile applications like hybrid apps, ios and android apps. These tools come loaded with code libraries for multiple languages that can be easily customized for modifications.

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