Mobile App Development has become the necessity of day to day life. With the increase of smartphone, the need for mobile app increases. The biggest challenge every app developer faced while creating mobile app that the apps should work well on multiple platforms. The latest app code supports the concept of writing the code once and running it anywhere on multiple platforms is called (WORA) Write Once Run Anywhere. It refers to the app code that builds on one platform and runs on multiple platforms. The main goal of the app developer is to create apps with reusable code. There are many Mobile App Development UK based companies are following the (WORA) Write Once Run Anywhere concept to develop best mobile applications for their clients.

So here you can have a look at 7 best cross platform mobile app development frameworks and tools that works for multiple platforms:

1. Adobe PhoneGap

Adobe PhoneGap is an open source platform for building cross platform mobile apps which is based on the cloud Apache Cordova. It is the set of API that allows developed applications to run as native apps across variety of platforms. Developers can create hybrid apps using various web technologies like CSS3, HTML5, and Java web languages. PhoneGap lets you to deploy single code to different platforms like iOS and Android etc. PhoneGap 8.0 is the latest version available. The idea behind the Adobe PhoneGap is to write the app once and run it on all other devices.

2. Xamarin

Xamarin is the mobile app development platform that allows coders to develop and design native apps for iOS, Android and Window phones using C# codebase. It lets you to use the same language, IDE and API to any platforms. It offers its own interface development tool, native API access and integration with backend such as Microsoft Azure and SAP. Xamarin studio supports portable class libraries and allows developing iOS applications using same UI controls in Xamarin.iOS. Similarly Xamarin.Android allows developing android applications using the same UI controls. In Xamarin, 75% of the code can be shared across the major app development platforms which reduce the cost and time. Xamarin provides quality assurance and functional testing for various devices to ensure the seamless integration.

3. Appcelerator Titanium

Appcelerator Titanium is an open source framework which allows developing native mobile apps using JavaScript codebase on iOS and Android mobile apps. It offers tools for rapid app development that makes easy user interaction with UI. Appcelerator contains ArrowDB that lets you deploy data models and seamless integration with SCM and MDM solutions. It has open and extensible environment that provides apps for Android, iOS and Blackberry as well as HTML5. There are many inbuilt connectors available for MS Azure, MS SQl, MongoDB and Salesforce etc.

4. Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch is a leading product for enterprises as ExtJS. It is the best mobile web framework which helps to build effective applications in HTML5 and convert them into cross platform apps with PhoneGap. The use of HTML 5 approach allows the applications to run on various browsers and mobile devices. On Sencha, quality apps can be built with integrated UI libraries and components. It offers built in themes and native API access. It is the MVC model view controller help developers to build apps using JavaScript web language. It also supports Java to develop mobile applications for all the organizations. It provides customizable UI widgets and data collection features.

5. Monocross

Monocross is an open source and cross platform mobile framework that helps to create powerful applications for Android smartphone, iPads and iPhones. It uses C#, Microsoft .NET and the Mono Framework that allows access to native device API. To work in monocross requires C# and DotNet compatibility for the applications. It allows writing user interface with the help of native controls and offers web/hybrid app support for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch, Symbian and Android OS. Monocross gives the flexibility to create applications for all supported platforms and powerful tool box to enable sharing of business logic and data access code across the platforms.

6.Codename One

Codename is a set of cross platform development tools for Kotlin and Android developers. It compiles java code into native OS like iOS and Android. It develops industry based applications featuring virtual machines, simulator and IDE integrations. It supports rapid app development in which the developer code and its testing done by the Codename one simulator devices and automation tools. The best feature in codename one is its build server which helps the developer to build native iOS apps and native window apps. It uses the SAAS approach to achieve the fast performance by drawing native gaming API. It is a lightweight component that allows the developer to preview the application accurately.

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