Modern fashion is tricky, but building up their fashion game becomes easier if one gets the basics right. Keeping tabs on the trendy outfits or clothing that pairs well together is a part of today's fashion, which requires attempting it.

That's the case with cargo pants. This decades-old clothing item is back in fashion and social media is blowing up with their take. These comfortable loose-fitting pants can be one of the best options for enduring summers.

Men’s cargo pants have become better now that are made with better materials, that fit better and look better. They are often confused with Chinos by fashion novices, but there’s little advantage cargo pants have.

Who can forget the advantage the large pockets on the sides provide! For the times when carrying too many keys is unavoidable, you go cargo!

But someone who's going to attempt a yesteryear clothing item needs a direction and that's what this blog is about.

There are many brands to choose from but we have listed the 7 best cargo pant brands in India.

Things to keep in mind for choosing the best Cargo Pants:

Cargo pants are specifically chosen by adventurous people who like to carry too many things in one place. But no fashion rulebook says you can't wear it at home!

If you are opting for cargo pants for the first time or getting them back in your everyday wardrobe, you should take note of the two main factors that'll make cargo shopping a pleasant experience.

Finalize the amount you want to spend on your cargo pants before buying them. If you are trying it out casually, a modest budget is enough and you can still find well-constructed pairs of men’s cargo pants. But if you want to include cargo pants in your everyday wear, do your homework and opt for a pair a little above your budget. Also, don't buy in bulk for the first time. Try one out and see if the cargo pants meet your expectations.

If you are looking to splurge, many brands can easily breach the four-figure or even a five-figure mark.

This is an essential factor to consider as we do for most of our clothing items. The material of the cargo pants should be given some thought. If you're an active person or work a lot, polyester and nylon tend to wick away sweat and dry faster. Lycra is commonly used for clothing items that are designed to be stretchy.

The spun knitted fabric has better-bursting strength, abrasion resistance, air permeability, better wicking, higher shrinkage, and lower drape than comparable cotton knitted fabrics. Pants with 100% cotton can be worn again and again, all year long as they are comfortable, durable, and versatile. Wearing 100% cotton or cotton-nylon blends will make your cargo pants more versatile.

1. Muffynn

Muffynn is the best cargo pant brand in India as it focuses on the consumer's needs and its cargo pants prove that. You can choose from two types of cargo trousers: Denim cargo & every day cargo.

Denim cargosDenim cargos are an amazing mixture of form and style. They come with pockets that provide ample space for carrying your modern essentials. The denim material is super durable and provides comfort even as everyday wear.

The Denim cargos come in six colors: Biscuit, Mint Pastel, Olive Green, Rhino, Sky Blue Pastel, and White Dove. They are also available in a variety of sizes - small, medium, large, XL, XXL, and 3XL. It's made of 100% Cotton and Spun Knitted with 2-3% Lycra.

The Everyday cargoEveryday cargo has 7 pockets, including a secret pocket on the right. It's made of pure Cotton fabric with 2-3% Lycra and is available in nine colours: Carbon Black, Chocolate Brown, Cream, Dark Forest, Desert Tan, Harbor Grey, Hunter Green, Prussian Blue, and Rustic Brown. You can get them in small, medium, large, XL, XXL, and 3XL sizes.

No matter which style you choose, these pants are the perfect bottom wear for outdoor excursions, running errands, or for casual dinners. Diversify your wardrobe with Muffynn's Tex Chinos which are versatile and extremely comfortable.

Price range: ₹1,600-₹1,800 (original cost: ₹2,650-₹2,650)

2. Jack and Jones

Jack and Jones is a men's cargo pants brand. The brand's philosophy is good vibes and drama-free. They have a major online and offline presence with a variety of products. Jack and Jones' Military Green Cargo is high on quality and fashion quotient and is particularly well-known as it has added stretch for comfort and flexibility. Pair it with sturdy boots and you are up for any combat. Click on this link if you aren’t sure which shoes to wear with cargo pants. It's one of the best cargo pant brands in India.

Price range: ₹899-₹3,999

3. Beevee

Beevee cargo pants are designed for the new-age man that brings an amazing range of cargo pants and casual wear. The brand is chosen by youngsters for its variety of clothing items and price range. Their cargo pants make for comfortable wear due to their perfect fit and bringing out your inner spirit. Pair these trousers with some good sneakers or boots and a T-shirt that will make a great modern street-style outfit.

Price range: ₹1,139-₹2,105

4. Flying Machine

Established in 1980, Flying Machine is India's first home-bred jeans brand. Later, it expanded into many clothing items that made it a default choice for young India's sartorial endeavour. The brand brings trendsetting styles and its association with Hindi romantic films does help establish itself as a brand that dresses the young.

If you are confused to choose from the brand's many options, choose their Khaki cargo pant - classic pants perfect for daytime excursions. For a perfect summer laid-back vibe, pair the Khaki pants with a pair of sneakers and a polo T-shirt. Don’t forget your Ray-Ban!

Price range: ₹1,679-₹2,399

5. Wildcraft

Those looking for cargo pants that match their love of exploring the wilderness, look no further than Wildcraft. It was founded when the need for apparel and gear for outdoor and adventurous activities grew. Wildcraft's cargo pant is super durable and breathable, which is perfect for enduring the outdoors. To get going, pair it up with a T-shirt and sports shoes. If you are new to cargo fashion, check out this link to know what to wear.

Wildcraft also provides an extraordinary range of apparel and footwear for men and women, backpacks, travel accessories, campus gear, camera packs, and more.

Price range: ₹1,379-₹3,199

6. Roadster

One of the best cargo pant brands in India is Roadster which has found its forever home in Myntra as its exclusive label. The brand is an online fashion retailer that offers affordable clothing and accessories for both, women and men. Roadster's Camouflage cargo pant is a great choice for those wanting to pick up their first pair as it gives the wearer enough space for free, easy movements. Team it up with sneakers or combat boots and a funky T-shirt.

Price range: ₹599-₹1,599

7. Wrogn

Wrogn was co-created in association with Indian cricketer Virat Kohli - which reflects its razor-sharp attitude as a brand. The range of clothing items and accessories has made it the first choice for many Indian men.

As for Cargo pants, Wrogn is one of the best cargo pant brands in India that you simply cannot ignore. Get a pair of slim-fit cargo pants that provides a rugged look. Team it up with a plain black T-shirt and black sneakers, along with aviators.

Price range: ₹989-₹2,239

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