One of the best resources to use to quickly establish credibility, add additional streams of income, and attract new clients, is hosting teleseminars. Teleseminars are conducted over the telephone. Just like a live seminar, teleseminars have a speaker and attendees. What you don’t have is the expense of travel, hotel, food, beverage, and room rental.

There are many benefits to hosting a teleseminar. These include:

1. Easy Implementation. When you use a more familiar technology like the phone, it brings a certain level of comfort to you and the attendees. With many free teleseminar services available, it makes hosting one cost effective, especially for start-up businesses.

2. Cultivates Your Relationship with Your Prospects. When you hold regular teleseminars, your prospects get to know you and you get to demonstrate your skills. When you host them weekly or monthly, you develop a reputation for these events. It helps to distinguish yourself in the marketplace as the go-to person in your area of expertise.

3. Builds Your Community. When you schedule teleseminars, you position yourself as an expert by delivering high-value content. When people sign up for your teleseminar, remember to also give them your free weekly tips. This gives you an opportunity to stay in touch with them, cultivate your relationship, and provide an ongoing value-added experience regardless of where they are located.

4. Adds Additional Income Stream. As you facilitate various teleseminars, you create an empire of resources. The same information can be repackaged or reproduced in several media types to generate income. When you record them, you can download it to a CD or ebook. You can also have it transcribed and package it for sale at a later speaking engagement or sell on your website. At the end of your teleseminar, remember to offer one of your products for sale for those who feel inspired and want more from you.

5. Leverages Your Time. When you record your teleseminars, you are able to work smarter not harder. When you hold the live event, record it. I’ve done this for years. I keep the recordings where prospects tap into these high-content complimentary teleseminars at any time and listen when they are ready. Regardless of when a prospect enters my reader community, they learn all about the key systems that attract clients. I also automated the process, so that when they sign up, they get immediate access.

6. Connectivity Convenience. Teleseminars are not only convenient for you, they are convenient for your prospect. Since they can dial in from wherever they are, they don’t need to worry about being at a computer or making sure their internet connection is up to speed.

7. Boosts Your Online Traffic. When done right and regularly, prospects will come to your website for additional information, listen to your recordings, sign up for live events, and purchase your products.
Adding teleseminars to your marketing system helps you to quickly establish credibility, add additional streams of income, and attract new clients.

Your Assignment

• Create the content for your session.
• Set a time and date and schedule your teleseminar with a hosting service. There are a number of free services to choose from.
• Market your session making sure your title is catchy and informs your prospect on the subject matter.
• Set up a way for them to sign up. For an added feature, have your attendees download a handout to complete as you go through the material.
• Follow up with your attendees. Whether you offered a special product they could purchase at the end of your call or ask what they took away from your teleseminar, make sure to stay in touch with your attendees.

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Lisa Mininni is Best-Selling Author and President, Excellerate Associates, home of the sought-after Entrepreneurial Edge System, showing small business owners how their clients find them, choose them, and buy from them.

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