Hyping the shower area in your bathroom will be quite eye-catchy and comforting at the same time. Have a look at the following ideas to make the most of your shower space:

  • Tie the Tub and Shower Together:

An innovative way to make the judicious use of your bathroom space is by clubbing the tub and shower side by side. Having a full size tub or a shower in your bathroom space might be quite chaotic hence tieing them together will be a fruitful idea. When you plan your renovation in such a way that nicely pairs up the bathtub with an adjacent shower enclosure then you will make the use of these two facilities together!

  • Build Storage Niches in the Shower Area:

As sure-fire way of doing judicious use of the shower space is by undertaking installation of ample storage spaces. The bathroom renovation specialists undertake bathroom renovations in North of River Perth by adding ample storage niches in order to make your bathroom less chaotic. The more the storage spaces, the better will it be.

Being a homemaker you will possibly try out to defray costs as much as possible. A sure-fire way to save money in this regards is by demolishing the shower area altogether! You can do the pre-construction or demolition by yourself as by doing so you will end up saving a lot on your budget. Just discuss with your renovation specialist and undertake the pre-construction work by yourself.

  • Upgrade the Shower Tiles:

Adding in the right kind of tiles in the shower space should be given utmost importance at the time of bathroom renovations in Perth. Installing a light filled frameless shower enclosure will look quite elegant. The tiling installation is a serious task and requires professional guidance as even a slight crack might lead to tremendous damage!

  • Waterproof the Shower Area:

Is keeping water away from the shower becoming a major issue? If yes then include the waterproofing of the shower area as an essential component of your bathroom renovations in South of River Perth. Be careful with the cement board installation and it is advisable to include a flexible plastic on such boards.

  • Ask yourself: Do you need the Tub?

The following are few questions that you must ask yourself prior to opting for bathroom renovations in Perth:

  • Do you actually need a tub in the shower area or doing without it will seem fine?
  • If you already have a tub, can re-glazing it will be sufficient?
  • Will the tub facility be soothing for the children and elderly in your house?
  • Make way for Natural Lighting:

A shower area that lacks proper lighting will be a huge disappointment in the overall renovation strategy. There is a sure-fire way to improve this is by adding in some extra windows in the shower area. Natural light works best in illuminating the shower area.

Contact the trusted renovation specialists and get the renovation done flat out!

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