1.Pre Wedding shoots
Nowadays pre wedding photoshoots are trending, and every couple has to go through the horror of goofy faces. In India most of marriages are arranged Marriages and giving cozy poses and acting to feel the love that does not even exist in the couple before wedding in front of the over exaggerated setup of studios and cameras is nothing but AWKWARD.

2.Haldi ceremony
Haldi ceremony is indeed a very funny wedding tradition in India, the groom sits half naked in front of tons of women and get a free haldi pack everywhere on his body, especially the face! And the smell of haldi is also no close to rose elixir.

3.Talking bout the night
When super excited aunties tease them about their first night & give advice based purely on personal experience, I am sure neither the groom nor the bride wants to advise on this topic atleast! Also hearing to loose comments like, "Haaye! Haaye! Ruka nahi ja raha hoga ab toh..." and "Ghabrana mat bilkul."

The girl is made somewhere equivalent to Thakur in Sholay mehndi is applied all over her arms and its in so detail it takes hour to dry up, and the poor women has to request people for everything from feeding her to help her drink some water. She becomes dependent for All the vital tasks which becomes very funny for people to watch.

5.The over-rated aashirwads
Relatives build a pyramid of gifts on their laps & simultaneously expect them to take aashirwads, the bride is expended to bend and touch feet of every elder and take their blessings while wearing a lehnga which weight three times more than her.

The couple is supposed to maintain a permanent smile on their whole time. I seriously pity the couples and their jawlines, it would just hurt so badly.They might not be able to do it but are they even given a choice? NO!

And of course! The tonnes of laddoos that they are forced to have after every second. Because, 'Mooh meetha karna toh banta hai!', the couple is soo stuffed by the end of the ceremony I don’t think they will ever want to have sweet dishes again atleast till 3 month.

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A wedding dress is both an intimate and personal for a woman - it must reflect the personality and style of the bride.