Mothers are the most precious person in our lives. They do a lot to keep us happy and healthy. They can handle the difficult situation very calmly and that too without letting us know. No matter how old you get, you will always be mammas little naughty kids. It is not a good feeling if you are far away from your mother and can’t spend time with her on this Mother’s Day. But fret not, even if you can’t be there with her, you can always send a token of love to her conveying your heartfelt feelings. Here are a few remarkable ideas through which you can astonish your mother and make her feel very special on this special occasion.

1. Surprise her deliciously
When you used to come back from school, your mother had lunch ready in advance to satiate your hunger immediately. On this special day, surprise your mother with a scrumptious cake of her favourite flavour. This beautiful gesture will surely spellbind her and make it the best day of her life. As we know every celebration is incomplete without a cake, you can also send Mother’s Day Cake to India through leading online bakeries.

2. Gift her a little pooch
If your mother loves pets, a puppy is a brilliant gift to make her day happening and fun-loving. She will never experience the empty nest syndrome again. This puppy will make the home whole again.

3. Gift a holy tulsi plant
Being away from home is not an easy task. On this Mother’s Day surprise your mother by gifting her a holy basil plant. This plant is a part of Hindu mythology also and moreover, it has numerous medicinal benefits which will surely make your mother love it.

4. A stunning personalized gift set
Personalized gifts are an all-time favourite as they always remind of the special moments that people spent together. You can choose from a wide range of personalised gifts, such as cushions, photo printed mugs, personalized lamps which you can buy from leading online gift portals.

5. Healthify her with fitness gadgets
Load your mom with fitness gadgets so that she can keep a track on her healthy life. Whether your mother is a fitness enthusiast or just a beginner, fitness gadgets will surely make her day awesome. With user-friendly gadgets, your mother can achieve her fitness goal seamlessly.

6. Make her day productive with a smartphone
To make Mother’s Day special for her, gift her a good smartphone, from where she can do video chat with you, use social media and browse the internet without any hassle.

7. Surprise her with a snack subscription box
This is the gift your mom always wanted. Subscribe for a pack with her favourite food items which will be delivered every month at the doorstep. It will surely cheer her day up. This snacks subscription box can be brought off online portals easily.

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This post has been written by Shashank Sinha, an all time social media addict who usually write posts related to florists in India and across the India. In this post, he has shared some thoughtful Mother's Day gift ideas for your mom.