When creating a new company, naming a product, or rolling out a service, the way that you brand the benefits can often make more of an impact than conveying any actual features. A good brand can motivate a target market in a desired way, in fact branding is often defined as a set of beliefs about a company, product, or service held by a consumer that compels an action". Your businesses ability to influence its target market over time is a key indicator of your long-term sustainability. This is important because the more prospects that have been continually motivated to take a desired action the bigger the brand perception and the better the business will profit.

When it comes to branding perception is the only reality for your prospect. If you're not controlling how you're perceived in the marketplace in a manner that serves your business, then chances are good it probably isn't serving your business. Controlling perception among prospects is always a tricky proposition because each potential customer will ultimately perceive an offer based on their unique personality. We are all wired differently and as a result each of us we will respond to exactly the same offer in very different ways. The essential goal of branding therefore is to find a balanced approach of offering your products or services in a way that allows you to attract your target market and motivate them to act using the least amount of resources necessary.

The saying "If you build it they will come" is often thrown around as a viable branding strategy and it is a complete marketing myth. The sad truth is that businesses that operate on this premise go to their graves as the world’s best-kept secrets. In the world of advertising it is simply not realistic to expect that just because you've built a bigger and better mouse trap that you will automatically catch more mice. To maximize your branding efforts you need to first make sure the mice perceive a small and easy effort with a big and cheesy reward. The easier a mouse believes they can receive the cheese with ease the more mice that will be willing try out your trap.

When it comes to branding if you want to build your mouse trap in a big way then you will need to separate yourself, differentiate yourself, and be unique in the marketplace. You can make a better mouse trap for your market and ensure they are motivated to take action by taking the time to answer the following seven key questions for uncovering your unique selling proposition. The more time that you spend gaining concise answers to these questions the more critical insight you will gain into your brand.

1. What is the market that you are trying to reach?
- What is the characteristics of the market?
- What segment of the market are you focusing your efforts on?

2. What are your assumptions about this market?
- What if your assumptions were wrong?
- How do you separate fact from fiction?

3. What problem(s) is the market trying to solve that you can help with?
- How is the problem currently being addressed?
- What is the nature of the problem?

4. Does this market have the means to solve this problem?
- Is this market in a position to purchase your solution?
- What factors affect their purchasing behaviour?

5. Who are you in the marketplace?
- What do you stand for?
- What are you fighting for?

6. How can you let this market know you have created the solution they need?
- Is your brand exciting enough to spread with word of mouth?
- How can your solution spread like wildfire amongst potential customers?

7. What feelings can your customers expect once you have their attention?
- Why should they engage your offering?
- How will they react to your position in the marketplace if they do?

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