You need to make a good impression when searching for a new job. Apart from your academic qualification and experience level, employers also take into consideration routines through which you have applied for a job. Find below six most successful ways to job hunt.
Hunting Job through Local library

You will find plenty of details in the local library with regard to job resources. Most of the libraries have direct access to online databases, which you can use without paying anything. You can use internet for free in the local library. This is extremely useful for individuals that are interested in conducting company research. Being a member of local library, you will get direct access to books related to interview techniques and resume writing. Hunting Job

Apply Directly
Apply Directly To increase your chances of getting a job, make sure that you apply directly to an employer. For this to happen, you need to find companies which has posted jobs in newspapers, magazines, yellow pages and job portal. After getting a list of such companies, contact them through e-mail or phone with your current resume. This will create a positive impression on the mind of an employer as it shows how responsible and goal oriented person you are.

Hidden Job Markets
You may not believe at first but yes there are some hidden job markets where you can find job very easily. To do this, you need to have good networking within the industry. Every time you interact with individuals who can have an impact on your career, you give yourself a chance to get a new job. To get a job through this route, your communication skills need to be good and you should be ready to work for free for a period of three to four months. The main advantage of following this route for job hunt is that you are going to get a much better job offer with possibility of quick promotion. Hidden Job Markets

Friends and Family Members
Friends and Family Your friends and family members can help you in finding a job. If your friend or family member is working in a company where there is urgent requirement for other people and job profile matches your academic qualification, they can recommend your name in front of the selection committee. If you manage to convince the selection committee with your skill level and personality, you will get the job.

Taking the Help of your Teacher for Job Hunt
By taking the help of your teacher, you can easily get a new job. Aware of your strengths and weaknesses, your teacher can suggest you job leads that will match your area of expertise. This is important because you would like to work in an environment where you feel comfortable and can attain your career objective. Teacher Job Hunt

Job Hunting in Smaller Companies
Smaller Companies In the initial stage of your career, your focus should be on the smaller companies where you could increase your knowledge base without any pressure being imposed on you. Finding job in smaller companies is much easier in comparison to bigger companies where competition is quite intense.

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