When marketing to younger generation context is everything; therefore most traditional marketers must learn how to position their products or services to fit the expectations, life experiences and perceptions of a younger consumer base.

Here are the 6 mistakes most marketers make when marketing to the younger generations.

1. They have a 1 size fits all approach to marketing.
Some marketers believe that just because they sell a basic product or service that our society needs that creative positioning in not needed or possible. Well, I'm here to tell those marketers that the times have changed, technology has changed and so have the people who buy. The days of offering products or services in only 1 boring format or style are gone. Personalization or customization based on the specific experiences and life cycles of a demographic is the only way to persuade them to buy and this is especially true with generation X or Y.

2. They focus on selling the features instead of the benefits. Blunt message to younger buyers like 'state-of-art technology' or pages about your own credentials, experience or knowledge will not get them to buy your product or service. The key is to provide them with social proof about your product or service and information on how the product or service will to make their life easier, better or more fulfilling that is the real key.

3. They do not embrace the New Media.
Most Marketers are still trying to use TV, Radio, and Bill boards Ads to gain the younger generations attention. Spending a huge chunk of your marketing budget on a single high profile marketing messages is waste of time, energy & resources. Younger generations are tech savvy and immune to the traditional marketing channels. To reach a younger generation of buyers, the marketing message must be engaging, interactive and presented in various online channels of communications such as Blogs, Videos, Podcasts and in the various social networks.

4. They fail to humanize the sales experience.
When Marketing to younger generations marketers must remember it is not about the transaction but the interaction you have with younger consumers. Because the younger generation of today grew up being the center of their parent's attention and every whim, the younger consumers crave that personal touch and care from a marketer when making that buying decisions. Marketers interested in capturing this market segment need to make sure that they create a sense of comfort and safe as their parents did for them; when doing business with this generation.

5.They're product fails to show any civic or social responsibility.
The younger generations of today are some of the most socially conscious consumers on the planet and
they are passionate about social causes and giving back. Keeping this in mind marketers who want to succeed at marketing to these consumers must make it a point to show that their product or organization stands for something greater than just making a profit. By demonstrating this type of civic responsibility in your marketing campaigns you will have more success attracting younger consumers to your product.

6. They fail to get involved in the online communities or social networks.

When it comes to marketing to younger generation community is everything. Social networks such as Linkedin, MySpace and Facebook as a whole are where most younger generations hang out. If a marketer wants to be successful at tapping into these communities of buyers they must learn how the social networks operate and how to appropriately introduce themselves and their product into that community. Marketers must also realize that when it comes to these communities, your product should contribute to the conversation and growth of the community.

By keeping these simple truths in mind marketers and business owners will find that marketing to generation X & Y can be easy productive and profitable.

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