What makes affiliate marketing so appealing to entrepreneurs is that it does not require having your own website, dealing with customers, refunds, product development and all the other stuff. This is arguably the absolute easiest way to launch a business online.

Here are some powerful tips on how to sky-rocket your affiliate commissions in a short amount of time.

1.) Discover what are the best affiliate programs and products on the market.

It's a no-brainer that you would want to promote a program that will allow you to achieve affiliate success in the shortest time frame right? There are several factors to consider in selecting such a program. Choose the ones that have a generous commission structure, 50 percent and higher. Have products that align with your target market. Have an easy to understand affiliate member's area for tracking commissions and has a good track record for paying out affiliate checks on time. Don't be afraid to quit that program it they are not fitting your needs.

2.) Write product reviews and create Squidoo lenses for them.

I can assure you that you are not the only affiliate promoting the program. In fact, there may hundreds if not thousands of affiliates promoting the same program as you. If you start writing reviews related to the product you are promoting, you will be able to separate yourself from the crowed. Squidoo is a good tool for your reviews because it's free and their pages get indexed quickly in the search engines.

3.) Give away something for free in exchange for your visitor's name and email address.

People don't buy on the first offer! You may want to send out your message at least seven times to get the sale. This is one of the the many reasons why you should collect your visitor's information in exchange for a free gift. You can create follow-ups messages for your contacts to remind them to make a purchase through your affiliate link.

Also remember to get your prospect's contact information before sending them to your affiliate merchant's website! Keep in mind that you are providing free advertisement for the product owners. You get paid only when you make a sale. If you send prospects directly to your merchant, there's a good chance you won't see them again.

But when you get their names, you can always send other marketing messages to them to be able to earn an ongoing commission instead of a one-time sale only. This is also a great way to build your email list of dedicated subscribers.

4.) Publish an online newsletter or Ezine (e-magazine).

It is always best to recommend a product to someone you know than to sell to a stranger. This is the purpose behind publishing your own newsletter. This also allows you to be perceived as an expert in your field and develop a relationship based on respect and trust with your subscribers.

5.) Ask for higher commissions from your affiliate merchants.

If you're already successful with a particular program, you should try to approach the merchant and negotiate a higher percentage commission for your sales. If the merchant is smart, they'll likely grant your request rather than lose a valuable promoter. Remember that you are not a liability to your merchant; so don't be afraid to request higher commissions. Just try to be fair when negotiating.

6.) Write strong and compelling Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads.

PPC search engine can be one of the most cost effective means of advertising online. As an affiliate, you can make a small income just by managing PPC campaigns with Google AdWords. Be sure to monitor your PPC ads to see which ones to keep and which ones to get rid of.

Try out the strategies above and see the difference it can make to your commission checks in the shortest amount of time.

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