Building traffic is important for your business. Before you can make any money through your Web site, you need traffic.

But how do you build your Web site traffic? Here are 6 ways...

1. Search Engines. Search engines can be a powerful way to build Web site traffic. If you have a strong presence on the search engines, you'll get a lot of free traffic.

To build your search engine presence, you can do SEO (Search Engine Optimization). By researching your keywords and placing them in your Web site content, your Web site will more easily be found by people using the search engines.

2. Pay Per Click Ads. Google Adwords is one example where you can use pay per click ads. With this method, you write a tiny ad that gets published on Web sites that are related to it. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. With this method, you have guaranteed traffic whenever you pay.

3. Web Site Directories. Web site directories contain a large list of Web sites in many different categories. Some people use Web site directories to search for content. You can place your Web site link on a Web site directory by submitting your link to it. An editor will take a look at your Web site, and if it fits their standards, they'll add it to their directory. One example of a Web site directory is

4. Article Marketing. Article marketing is where you write free articles and submit them to article directories. At the end of each article, you place a resource box.

The resource box is a small advertisement containing your Web site link. If readers like your article, some of them will click-through to your Web site. Some readers may publish your article in their e-zine, giving your resource box much more exposure.

5. Blog Posts. With blog posts, you increase your presence on the search engines. Each blog post gets added to the search engines and provides a “gateway” to your blog. On your blog, you can include a link to your main Web site. A percentage of your blog visitors will click-through to your Web site. So if you increase your blog traffic, your Web site traffic will also increase. The blog is another way for people to find your Web site.

6. Word-of-Mouth. You can get your Web site visitors to help spread the word about your Web site. You could add a ShareThis button to your Web site. Visitors click on it to tell their friends about your site.

You can have a link on your site where it creates an email for the visitor to send to his or her friends telling them about your site. Another idea is to give referral points or a reward whenever a visitor refers someone to your Web site.

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