Storage systems have been in use from ancient times. People have used boxes, trunks, filing cabinets, safety deposit boxes, computer serves, floppy disks, external drives and so on to store important personal and business data.

Safe storage now has new avatar online storage facilities that will securely store important information and protect the data from natural, physical, or mechanical disasters. Since the information in online storage systems is stored away from the home or business premises the security is multifold.

Online storage systems are both practical and cost effective ways of storing data. The files are stored after SSL encryption and this ensure protection of privacy. Files stored online can only be retrieved using a password and log in. Reputed storage is offered by Acpana, NovaStar Online Backup Service, connected Data Protector and Data Deposit Box.

When selecting an online storage system consider:

1. How much space you need and the frequency with which you will be accessing the stored information.

2. Find out what system the online storage facility uses. Check reliability of the system.

3. Find out whether they charge a fixed amount for storage or charge depending on the amount of space you actually use. Fixed costs are ideal for large storage but if your storage needs are 500MB or less then a pay per storage plan is more feasible.

4. Always comparison shop for an online storage solution. Compare prices as well as features.

5. Read through the terms and conditions carefully and always conduct a reliability check.

6. In case the online storage offers free storage for a limited period take up the offer as this will help you understand the system as well as its pros and cons.

All computer systems big or small should have a data protection plan in action. Ensure regular local back ups and a second back up in the form of an online storage facility. Log on to the World Wide Web and read unbiased reviews as well as expert tips on online storage facilities and its pros and cons. Always be an informed user of any system.

According to IT experts online storage solutions are superior to traditional back ups. The main advantage of an online back up system is that files can be accessed from anywhere. However to be effective the online back up system has to be understood and implemented properly. Whether or not online back up is cost effective for every individual depends on the amount of space needed. An important concern is of course security of the data files and whether the encryption process if efficient.

Before selecting an online storage system ask about: encryption methods and frequency; security measures and guarantees; whether only files that have been changed will be stored in back up or all files; how will data transfer take place and its regularity.

Choose an online storage facility that is most suited to your needs and cost effective.

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