Step 3: Write Content that Convinces People You Are a Savvy & Trustworthy person

Once people opt in to your list, you must stay in touch with them through email. Email marketing is an art and a science because you must be respectful, give plenty of value and still let people know you have products and services for them.

Chris Baggott’s new book Email Marketing By the Num8ers lays it all out for anyone wanting to learn how to market using email. (Shameless plug: Patsi contributed to chapters 2 and 7!)

How do you write content for your email marketing messages? Many marketers focus on getting the results they want: a purchase, a registration, a new client.

If you go about it like a drunken frat boy at a party, you’ll get the door slammed in your face. Both Baggott and Seth Godin (Permission Marketing) say to approach your marketing like you would woo your future spouse.

Here’s a short list to guide you when writing a follow-up email message to people on your list. Make sure you:

1. Focus on the reader
2. Focus on the benefits to the reader of what you are offering
3. Write to inform and educate, not to tell or sell
4. Write to build a long-term relationship not a one-night stand

Someone on your list may never meet you so your words are very important. Your content serves as your sales person and customer service representative.

The relationship is the most important aspect of your marketing. If you focus on building the relationship, the rest will follow.

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