Step 1: Attract the right kind of prospects to your website

Some people brag about traffic to their sites, especially young Turks and geeks. But the important point to keep in mind is that you don’t want huge numbers coming to you unless they are potential clients.

So if you title a blog post with "Brittney Spears", you may get an increase in traffic, but are they going to become clients for your business? Probably not, unless you sell to celebrity fans.

You want qualified leads, people who decide to click and visit because there’s something in it for them.

On the Internet, you attract people with your words – keywords to be exact. What would an ideal client type into a search engine directory if they had a problem they wanted to solve?

Your job is to throw enough targeted keywords out onto the Web like bait for fish.

You do this by writing words and posting them on the Web in various forms:

1. Your website content, including your e-newsletter archives
2. Your blog posts
3. Articles submitted to article directories
4. Press releases submitted to online press release services
5. White papers posted on the web, on your site, or on white paper directories
6. Audio recordings, with keywords contained in titles and posted on iTunes and other podcast directories
7. Video clips posted to YouTube or other places
8. Social media sites such as MySpace, LinkedIn, Ryze, Digg and as many others as you have time for

Of course there are many other ways to attract the right people to you, including offline networking, speaking, email marketing, books, tip booklets, and professional organizations.

When you want people to find you on the Internet, you must address their key problems and write about solutions in as many forms you can. The key is to engage readers emotionally and intellectually so they will want to read more of what you have to offer.

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