For most people, building a successful business online means more than putting up a website and waiting for the orders to come rolling in.

You’re probably savvy enough to know by now that blogging is going to do more for your visibility online than a website.

What else do you have to do to attract, sell and profit with an online business?

Recently Denise and I were sorting through information and tutorials for our Blogging and Beyond mentor group. So I drew up a list of things you have to do to attract, sell and profit online: Here is a simple formula for online success:

1. Attract the right kind of prospects to your website
2. Give them something for free to get them into your database
3. Write some content that convinces them you are a smart and trustworthy person
4. Make a compelling offer for an information product they can buy
5. Convert the visitor to a client and up-sell to higher ticket products and services
6. Recycle: attract, give, convince, compel, sell and up sell

Of course, easier said than done, right? Anyone can reduce something to 6 simple steps, clap their hands and say “voila!”

For the next few days, I’ll write about each of these steps so we are clear about what it actually means in terms of actionable steps.

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